Jeanette Hawkins, Former Daystar Executive, Files Lawsuit Alleging Rev. Marcus Lamb Affair Cover-Up Left her Suicidal

Jeanette Hawkins files lawsuit against Rev. Marcus Lamb alleging cover-up of affair with staffer left her suicidal & involuntarily committed to mental institution.

Rev. Marcus Lamb, founder of Daystar Television Network, is mired down in some serious dogpoop, of his own making, I might add. He appeared on his network recently to say he was the victim of a shakedown and admitted to an extramarital affair with a woman. I had to ponder for a few minutes why he would come out now about something that happened a few years ago. Now we know why? According to NBCDFW, former director of marketing Jeanette Hawkins filed a lawsuit alleging she was pressured to participate in a cover-up of an extra-marital affair by the Rev. Marcus Lamb. That cover-up allegedly left her suicidal and involuntarily committed to a mental institution. Her lawyer said that Lamb’s allegations he was being blackmailed was “preposterous,” according to NBCDFW.

The lawsuit, filed in Dallas County District Court on Wednesday, is the latest twist in a saga that began Tuesday, when Lamb and his wife made the affair public in a live broadcast of their television show “Celebration.” They also claimed that three people threatened to tell reporters about the affair unless Daystar paid them $7.5 million.

In the lawsuit, Daystar’s former director of marketing Jeanette Hawkins alleges that another employee found e-mails from Lamb to the other woman, who at the time was one of his top assistants…..

  • Marcus Lamb’s affair with a top assistant lasted seven years.
  • An employee found “many lewd statements” in e-mails Lamb had written to the woman. In one of them, according to the lawsuit, Lamb said he “could not wait to make her the next Mrs. Marcus Lamb.”
  • Daystar bought the woman’s house and “entered into a sham consulting agreement under which Daystar paid substantial sums of hush-money to her.”Source: NBC Dallas Forth Worth

It is amazing at the level of hubris displayed by many pastors, who seem to think they can do whatever they want, whenever they want and with whoever is stupid and gullible enough to fall for their ploy. I also find it amazing that law enforcement agencies in the Dallas-Fort Worth area have no clue what investigation Rev. Lamb referred to in his recent television appearance. Stay tuned. More drama to come from this hot mess at Daystar. If the supporters had any commonsense, they would hold their donations until Rev. Lamb is replaced. In the meantime, send us your tips if you know the name of this woman he had the affair with. We’re still digging for that info!