NYPD Releases Video of Brutal Beating of Chinese Deliveryman by Three Teenage Boys

A Chinese food deliveryman was brutally beaten by three teenage boys and it was caught on a surveillance camera. The police said the teenage boys phoned in a Chinese food order Friday afternoon and went up to the sixth floor of the building at 40 Morningside Avenue, hid in a stairwell next to the elevator, and waited for the deliveryman, according to CBS News. They attacked him as he alighted from the elevator. Savages. Pure thuggery.

Watch the video:

Facebook Feud Leads to 12 Year Old Boy Being Shot by 14 Year Old Outside South Side Chicago School

Facebook feud leads to 12 year old fighting for his life after being shot by 14 year old outside South Side Chicago elementary school.

A Facebook feud has left a 12 year old Chicago boy fighting for his life after being shot in the back of the head. According to the Daily Mail, the boy reportedly exchanged insults on Facebook with a 14-year-old a short time before the shooting Tuesday afternoon. Where this 14 year old got a gun remains to be see, but he allegedly opened fire on the younger boy as classes were dismissed at Cook Elementary School in South Side Tuesday. Pandemonium broke out after the gunman started shooting before fleeing the scene. He has since turned himself in to police and it is said both boys were in gangs.

President Obama Releases Copy of Long-Form Birth Certificate, What Now?

The White House has released a copy of President Obama’s long form birth certificate. What now? Of course, we all know they will move the goal post and find an issue with this document. The question already floating out there is whether it’s authentic or not. No matter what he provides to prove his citizenship, his critics will keep moving the goal post. Of course, Donald Trump is taking credit for the latest move by the White House to wave a white flag to its critics. I wouldn’t have released a damn thing. The more the right pushed this flawed argument, the better it is for Obama, given the abysmal poll numbers for the Republican presidential hopefuls. Obama capitulated to the birther movement, led by Trump. He gave in to his critics. Some say he took the high road. Maybe so, but I wouldn’t have caved to this windbag.

Donald Trump is calling for him to release college records. Since when is that a requirement for presidential candidates? John McCain, George W. Bush and George H. Bush certainly weren’t asked to release theirs. This is about race, plain and simple. It is unfathomable for us to have a black president, in the eyes of some people. People like Rush Limbaugh, Donald Trump, birthers, Franklin Graham, Mike Savage, Andrew Breitbart, Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter and others, will try to discredit him by any means at their disposal. It’s all about race, pure and simple. The Drudge Report was only too happy to run with the caption “Donald Trump takes credit.” What these rich white people are saying is that a natural born black man has no right to even dream of being president of this country, much less actually winning such a feat. Some message being sent to our kids.

All “the blacks” on “Celebrity Apprentice” (Lil Jon, Dionne Warwick, Star Jones, Nene Leakes and Latoya Jackson) need to walk of the set and tell Donald Trump to kiss their a** and stop with the racist BS. President Obama said it best, “people can’t be making stuff up and providing sideshow and carnival barkers.” That’s just what Donald Trump is, a “CARNIVAL BARKER” and an egotist. Bring it on Donald. I hope you will be the Republican presidential candidate in 2012. Please pick Donald with his history of bankrupting companies, poor relationship skills and loud mouth who capitalized off his father’s name and legacy. Release your transcripts from University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. What they really want to talk about is that Obama attending Harvard and Columbia courtesy of affirmative action. Yeah, another code for racism being tossed around by his critics.

Donald Trump tells President Obama to “get off his basketball court” and go after OPEC.

Isn’t the reference to “basketball court” a dig at Obama’s race? Why not say golf course? CLICK HERE to watch video.

Atlanta Cop Punches Woman in Face During Fight at IHOP Restaurant in Buckhead

Off-duty Atlanta cop should be fired after punching woman in face during fist-fight at IHOP restaurant in Buckhead.

Atlanta cop gone wild in fist fight with a woman at an IHOP restaurant in Buckhead. According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, an off-duty Atlanta police officer got into a scuffle with a woman and punched her in the face, and the early morning incident at an IHOP was captured on video, the Atlanta Police Department confirmed. So, for all the folks who painted the brawl at the McDonald’s as a hate crime, let’s call this beatdown what it is, police brutality. This cop is nothing more than a street thug and bully. Look at his size for an officer. He should be fired immediately. See the video below:

The woman at the center of the fight has been identified as Cynthia Freeman and was one of four arrested in the 4 a.m. Sunday incident, according to Atlanta attorney Bobby Aniekwu.

New Orleans Brothers Aaronne Mitchell & Aaronne Russell Missing in Area with 107 Sex Offenders

Have you seen Aaronne Mitchell and his brother Aaronne Russell? This is every parents’ worst nightmare to find out their children are missing. According to media reports, the boys left their home in New Orleans to walk their neighbor’s dogs on Easter Sunday and never returned home. The boys’ father said he found a pair of pants belonging to one of his sons and a dog collar. The police seems to have lost precious time by not taking the parents serious when they sounded the alarm they were missing. If you have any information, please contact the police. These boys need to be home with their parents.