CA Megachurch Pastor Noel Jones, Brother of Singer Grace Jones, is Now Offering Less "Influential" Pastors "Spiritual Covering" for a Fee, Isn’t that Shady?

Bishop Noel Jones, senior pastor of City of Refuge Church in Calif., & brother of Grace Jones, is now offering pastors around the country “spiritual covering” for a fee, isn’t that shady?

Bishop Noel Jones, senior pastor of the City of Refuge Church in Gardena, California and head of Noel Jones Ministries, has popped up on my radar and he’s an interesting character, to say the least. Not only is he the brother of Jamaican-born singer Grace Jones, he leads a 17,000 megachurch and yet he’s free and single, living the high life and seems to have a thing for white women, though he leads a predominantly black church. I guess sistahs aren’t good enough for him. Interesting. Word on the street is that his ministry grosses about $80 million annually, that puts his salary in the millions and it shows in his lifestyle. He is also close friends with the disgraced closeted “homosexualBishop Eddie L. Long, Creflo Dollar and T. D. Jakes, among others. Jones is now going around and telling other pastors who don’t have as much influence in the community as he does, that he will give them “spiritual covering” for a fee. Sounds like extortion to me. A real shyster.

Stay tuned. More to come.

  • Oree

    What do you think the Vatican does for the Catholics Churches. What does a Busniess Consultant.  So, if some pastors dont have the training and support on how to grow your church, with various programs that are available to help the people in your community. Because it must be obvious that you are not getting meeting the needs of people. So a person needs more than his bible training to do this. This skills have to be development and fostered by someone. Its no more shadier than Donald Trump doing seminars to poor people. Are you going to do a piece/story on the amount of money that Catholic Church pay or contribut to the Vatican. If i am a homeless stocker broker are you to seek stock tips from me, nope. But, if i am established in my field and i started from where you at. It makes sense to me. It would seem to be apparent that you havent met him, Because, He has done it for 20 -30 years for free. An i wish you would become more objective and balance in your writing, your bias is apparent in every word of you writing. it reads like you sit in a vaccum and field information and write what from a platform of your feelings and obvious limited knowledge. But, lets give you an A for you efforts and dedication to writing pieces like this and from your on personal platform. My challenge to you is to write more objective pieces instead of attempting to gain fame off the bashing of others.