Quanita Smith, Aunt of Missing Five Year Old Detroit Girl Mariha Trenice Smith, Fails Polygraph Test & is Being Held by Police

Quanita Smith, aunt of missing five year old Detroit girl, Mariha Trenice Smith, reportedly fails polygraph test and is in police custody, boyfriend being questioned & burned body of little girl found in abandoned home.

SHOCK: Quanita Smith is reportedly in police custody after failing a polygraph test in connection to the disappearance of her five year old niece, Mariha Trenice Smith, who went missing from her Detroit home last Sunday. According to media reports, the girl’s mother, Konesha Smith, said police informed her Quanita Smith was being held because of the results of the polygraph test. The police are also reportedly questioning her boyfriend and another male who was seen in the home last Sunday. I am bracing for the worst in this case because police found the burned body of a little girl, thought to be between five and seven years old. Mariah was last seen wearing a black shirt with pink roses on it, and sadly, a piece of fabric with pink roses on it was found under debris in the abandoned home were the burned body was found. An autopsy on the body has been performed and it was determined the child died of asphyxia and her death has been ruled a homicide. This is a sad, sad turn of events. This precious child, whether she is Mariha Trenice Smith or another little girl, like Leibby Kletsky, didn’t deserve the fate they met.


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UPDATE#1 (07/27/11): Shots fired outside Detroit home where Mariha Trenice Smith went missing Sunday. This happened during a Tuesday night vigil for the five year old girl.

UPDATE#2: (07/30/11): DNA tests confirm the badly burned body found in vacant home is that of Mariha Trenice Smith. Police seeking person of interest who purchased gasoline.