Dr. Zulema Blair, Former Head of Medgar Evers College Public Admin Dept. Says Slanderous E-Mail Got Her Fired

Former head of Public Administration at Medgar Evers College, Dr. Zulema Blair, claims she was fired after anonymous e-mail sent to CUNY President calling her a “staff slut,” who had a student’s baby.

Former head of Public Administration at CUNY school Medgar Evers College, Dr. Zulema Blair, is demanding Yahoo release the identity of the person who sent described her as a “staff slut” accusing her of having a student’s baby, in an anonymous e-mail, which led to her termination. The e-mail was sent to CUNY president William Pollard and other administrators.

Two weeks after university bosses received the message, the 33-year-old’s tenure was revoked and she was later sacked. Dr Blair, a mother of two, told the New York Post she denies having an affair with a student and regards the e-mail as a ‘character assassination’. She said: ‘This e-mail is slander. It’s horrific, and I want whoever sent this out to be punished.’ According to the Post, the e-mail, sent from disgruntledsue@yahoo.com, read: ‘You can’t turn a whore into a housewife, but you can definitely turn one into a Dean.’ Source

Dr. Blair’s attorney has filed court papers in Manhattan Supreme Court demanding Yahoo give up the personal details behind the e-mail account so they can file a law suit against the sender, the article said.