MS Pastor Michael Minor Bans Fried Chicken at Church Functions, National Baptist Convention Asks Him to Develop Wellness Plan for Its Members

National Baptist Convention asks Pastor Michael Minor, who banned fried chicken at all functions at his Mississippi church, to develop health and wellness plans for its 10,000 members.

Pastor Michael Minor, senior pastor at Oak Hill Baptist Church in Hernando, MS, ruffled feathers by banning fried chicken at church functions. He has won some converts along the way. The leaders of the National Baptist Convention. That group has invited him to develop health and wellness plans for its 10,000-member churches. Here is an excerpt of his NPR interview:

MARTIN: What was the reaction initially, because it’s also very traditional that people will accord their pastors a lot of deference, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to listen to what you say. What was the reaction when you first started bringing this up? Did people just say: Pastor, you’re crazy, or did they just not do it?

MINOR: Yeah, basically: Pastor, you’re crazy. Ban fried chicken? There’s something wrong with you. So no, I had a lot of resistance. But the way that I was able to get it done, I showed them that you can actually save money by not eating fried chicken, because there’s something mysterious about fried chicken.

When you look at it, you want to get all the pieces off the platter. And you just pick over it and you only eat part of it. But now if you get grilled chicken or baked chicken, you’ll just eat what you want. And overall then, you’ll actually end up less chicken instead of more. But always remember, fried chicken has a mystique about it. It hypnotizes people, especially African-Americans. Source: NPR

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