Scottie Pippen, Jon Bon Jovi Among Top 1% Collecting $30 Billion in Government Largesse Yearly

Just when many on the right are dismissing the Occupy Wall Street movement, Newsweek published an article stating Americans earning more than $1 million collect more than $30 billion in government largesse each year. That’s according to a report assembled by Sen. Tom Coburn and is backed up by the Internal Revenue Service’s data showing how much money was going to the much-referenced top one percent.

Among the list of wealthy recipients are Scottie Pippen, who reportedly to $210,520 in agricultural subsidies while making a fortune in the NBA; Jon Bon Jovi, who took federal cash to raise honeybees on his property and media mogul Ted Turner, who accepted half a million dollars in farm payments, the Daily Beast reports. Then they say the Occupy Wall Street Movement is made up of a bunch of rabblerousers.

The rich will continue to hit paydirt at the expense of the middle class and the poor in this country. Count how many middle class lawmakers you have sitting in Congress.

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Herman Cain Stumbles Badly on Libya During Milwaukee Newspaper Interview

Herman Cain stumbles badly on Libya during interview with Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, shows he isn’t qualified to be the Republican presidential nominee.

Herman Cain stumbles badly on Libya during an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s editorial board. He had a Rick Perry brain-freeze.  This was just pathetic. I dare the Republicans to pick him as their nominee for the 2012 general elections. Obama would win in a landslide. Here are his comments before giving a coherent response:

“Okay, Libya….

“No, that’s a different one…”

“I got all this stuff twirling around in my head…”

“Specifically, what did you ask me….?”

“It’s not a simple yes, no…”

“I would have done a better job of assessing…”

“I’m not criticizing him… I’m a much more deliberate decision-maker is the point I keep coming back to… “ Source

Pardon my French, but Herman Cain was talking out of both sides of his ass. This man wants to become the next president of the United States? Um, Herman, leading the greatest country in the world is bigger than selling pizza. What’s clear is this man can’t make a decision on his own and that’s an automatic disqualification for the top job in this country. Newsflash — Herman, Michele Bachmann isn’t the only tutti-frutti in the bunch of presidential candidates.

Watch the video:

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DeKalb County GA Police Officer Robert Shane Wilson Killed in Head-On Collision

DeKalb County GA police officer Robert Shane Wilson killed in head-on collision with wrong-way driver on I-20.

DeKalb County police officer Robert Shane Wilson was killed when his vehicle was struck head-on by a wrong-way driver on the I-20.

Officer Wilson was off duty, but on call as part of his department SWAT team, when he was contacted by dispatchers and directed to respond to a home invasion call in Doraville. The crash occurred as he drove to the scene. He succumbed to his injuries at the scene of the crash. Source

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of police officer Robert Shane Wilson. He will be missed.

When Things Don’t Go My Way

From time to time, I have the privilege to walk my granddaughter to a street corner where she is picked up by the school bus. It is not a long walk, a hop, skip and a jump from the house, but the walk is filled with her delighted chatter and little chirps of laughter as she points out various things along the way, especially the different kinds of dogs out in the early morning taking their owners for a walk.

This a.m., as we are walk along, I look down at her and notice that she is wearing the necklace her mother just brought her this past weekend. I understand the delight in being able to go to school wearing something new, the lure of being able to show it off to your classmates as they marvel at it, awestruck by your blessing (something we adults still do). But, I also note the slender chain and I say, as casually as I can (grandchildren have been known to be temperamental), “Maybe, after today, you should leave your necklace at home. I would hate for you to be playing on the school yard and someone accidentally break it.”

My granddaughter looks up at me and says, “Okay.”

In spite of her acquiescence, I continue to mull over the possibility that she will return home this afternoon in tears with a broken necklace in hand. I try to tread lightly as I say, “Maybe, you should not wear it today. Wouldn’t want it to get accidentally broken on the school yard (hopefully, repetition underscores my point).”

My granddaughter looks up at me again, but this time her look is wrapped in stubbornness as she shakes her head, “No.”

I continue to insist, eventually bearding the lion in its den to remove the necklace from around her neck. She assumes the stance I have seen before, her “I am not happy pose,” but just for a quick minute before she looks at the navy blue peacoat I have on and asks, “Is that my coat?”

I laugh and say, “How would I wear your jacket? I would only be able to fit one arm in it.”

My granddaughter laughs as she imagines Ganny wearing her navy blue dress coat on one arm. The removal of her necklace apparently no longer an issue, we resume conversations about passing dogs and late school buses.

On my return walk back home, I think about how quickly my granddaughter got over her pique about the necklace. I then think about how spiteful we adults can become when things do not go our way. How we continue to chew on a slight until the “offense” blocks the view of any grace that might be headed our way. But we have, in those moments, the option to choose either tears or laughter, joy or bitterness, delight or dismay.

We Christians often declare of God’s goodness to others. My question is this: Does His goodness only apply when things are going well, or is His goodness applicable for every moment of every day, even when someone comes along and removes our new necklace?

I’m just thinking out loud………

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BREAKING: Newt Gingrich Takes Lead Nationally in GOP Race

BREAKING: Public Policy Polling: “Our national poll, out this afternoon, finds Newt Gingrich taking the lead in the GOP race.”

Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich Takes Lead Nationally in GOP Presidential Race (Wikipedia)

Newt Gingrich takes the lead nationally, according to a Public Policy Polling poll tweet.

Newt Gingrich Takes the Lead in Latest Poll (Public Policy Polling)

Newt Gingrich has taken the lead in PPP’s national polling. He’s at 28% to 25% for Herman Cain and 18% for Mitt Romney. The rest of the Republican field is increasingly looking like a bunch of also rans: Rick Perry is at 6%, Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul at 5%, Jon Huntsman at 3%, and Gary Johnson and Rick Santorum each at 1%.

Compared to a month ago Gingrich is up 13 points, while Cain has dropped by 5 points and Romney has gone down by 4. Although a fair amount of skepticism remains about the recent allegations against Cain there is no doubt they are taking a toll on his image- his net favorability is down 25 points over the last month from +51 (66/15) to only +26 (57/31). What is perhaps a little more surprising is that Romney’s favorability is at a 6 month low in our polling too with only 48% of voters seeing him favorably to 39% with a negative opinion. Source

This is all very interesting, but Newt Gingrich, despite all his baggage, is the brains among the candidates, followed by Jon Huntsman. What this says is that people still don’t trust Mitt Romney and Herman Cain is coming across as an empty suit.

Alabama A&M Has Highest Campus Crime Rate Than Other State Universities

Alabama A&M has highest campus crime rate than other state universities, with University of Alabama having the most alcohol and drug related arrests.

Alabama A&M Bulldogs athletics logo

Alabama A&M has Highest Campus Crime Rate than Other State Universities (Wikipedia)

Alabama A&M has highest rate of campus crime than other state institutions of higher learning. According to Birmingham News, more people have been robbed on campus at Alabama A&M and Alabama State universities than any other schools in the state in recent yaers.

The University of Alabama had the most alcohol- and drug-related arrests, and students at UA, the University of South Alabama, A&M and Birmingham-Southern College reported the most sexual offenses on campus, the data shows.

Overall, the 11 schools in the state that enroll the most students claimed 170 robberies, 119 aggravated assaults and 97 forcible sexual offenses on campus from 2005 through 2010. Under a federal law called the Clery Act, colleges and universities around the country must report their campus crime data to the U.S. Department of Education annually and are also required to distribute campus security reports to students and employees by Oct. 1 every year. Source

We are hearing similar rumblings at Georgia State University and Georgia Tech, where students are being robbed off campus and some assaulted on campus. Shameful. No you have to worry about your child getting robbed trying to get an education.

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Herman Cain: “The More Toppings a Man has on His Pizza, the More Manly he is”

Herman Cain says “the more toppings a man has on his pizza, the more manly he is” and compared his GOP rivals to ice cream flavors — Michele Bachmann as “tutti-frutti” and Rick Perry as “rocky road.”

Herman Cain Compares Michele Bachmann to Tutti-Frutti Ice Cream (Guardian)

Quote of the Day:  Herman Cain says,  “the more toppings a man has on his pizza, I believe the more manly he is.”

There’s more. Herman Cain declared himself a meat lover, while panning veggie lovers as “yellow bellies.” He says, “a manly man don’t want it piled high with vegetables! He would call that a sissy pizza.”

Yeah, there’s still more. Cain continued mocking his GOP foes and Republican rivals in terms of ice cream. He tagged gaffe-prone Rick Perry as “rocky road.” Mitt Romney was “plain vanilla” and Michele Bachmann, “tutti-frutti,” to which he said, “I  know I’m going to get in trouble!” I do agree, Michele Bachmann is nuttier than a fruit cake and tutti-frutti was an appropriate ice cream flavor to describe this right wing evangelical wingnut.

— Herman Cain GQ interview

Gloria Allred to Hold Press Conference with Ex-Boyfriend of Cain Accuser Sharon Bialek

The Note: Gloria Allred to hold press conference in Shreveport, Louisiana this afternoon at 2 p.m., with Dr. Victor Zuckerman, the ex-boyfriend of Herman Cain accuser Sharon Bialek. Just when you thought Gloria Cain was going to make a difference in vouching for her husband and saying he couldn’t be guilty of sexual harassment, Gloria Allred proves she won’t be outdone again.

Added to Sharon Bialek, Karen Kraushaar and the other two unnamed accusers, voter discontent with Herman Cain is taking root. According to a new Politico-George Washington University Battleground poll released today, shows Cain’s support inching down.

Report: Judge Leslie Dutchcot Who Freed Jerry Sandusky Worked for his Charity

Report: District Judge Leslie Dutchcot who freed Jerry Sandusky, without conditions, volunteered for his charity, Second Mile.

Judge Leslie Dutchcot Who Freed Jerry Sandusky Worked for his Charity (Centre Injury Law)

Another Pennsylvania judge is in the news for all the wrong reasons — District Judge Leslie Dutchcot ordered former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky be freed on $100,000 unsecured bail and had interestingly worked as a volunteer for his charity, The Second Mile, Deadspin reported Sunday.

This revelation comes on the heels of another bombshell — Sandusky was continuing to receive hefty pension payouts from the university, despite being charged with 21 felony counts for allegedly sexually abusing eight boys over a 15 year period. They let him out of jail without restrictions yet we have other people accused of crimes less heinous being remanded behind bars until their sentencing dates or even being slapped with hefty restrictions.

Judge Dutchcot should have recused herself from the case because of her association with Sandusky’s charity, but no, she decided to throw him a lifeline by denying the prosecution’s request  of a $500,000 bail for Sandusky and that he be required to wear a leg monitor. Nope, Judge Dutchcot ruled he be freed without having to post any money unless he failed to show up for court. Another judge who does whatever she feels like Judge Diane Gibbons.

Here’s Judge Dutchcot’s office number:   (814) 237-4981

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FT: President Obama Campaign Inner Circle Tightens Despite “Panic” Looming on Horizon

President Obama campaign inner circle tightens despite “panic “looming on horizon, as he bucks the trend of his predecessor to reshuffle his inner circle ahead of re-election bid.

President Barack Obama addresses the House Dem...

President Obama Campaign Inner Circle Tightens Despite (Wikipedia)

Edward Luce writes President Obama’s campaign inner circle tightens despite bucking the trend of other presidents such as Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, who kicked key members of their inner circle to the curb and charted a new course for re-election. Luce says, “the group, which most prominently includes Valerie Jarrett, the longstanding Chicago friend and mentor to the Obamas; David Plouffe, the 2008 campaign manager; and David Axelrod, who is now shepherding Mr Obama’s re-election campaign from Chicago, last week clipped the wings of Bill Daley, the president’s hapless chief of staff.”

It’s also interesting to note that there are a core group of Democrats who won’t fall behind President Obama with their support. Luce says, “he  still fails to consult widely and dislikes “reaching out” when he has to. Many Democrats have given up trying. “He doesn’t want to listen,” said one senator. “I don’t think the leopard is going to change his spots.” The plain fact is that Mr Obama prefers to campaign than govern.” I guess old habits die hard and that change many Democratic lawmakers are hoping for in Obama won’t be forthcoming, even if he manages to eke out a second win.

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