Herman Cain Calls for Targeted Identification to Identify Terrorists, Isn’t that Racial Profiling?

Herman Cain calls for targeted identification to find terrorists before they harm Americans, but isn’t that racial profiling of Muslims?

Herman Cain calls for targeted identification to identity people who are a danger to the U.S., but isn’t that racial profiling, since they would be mainly looking for people of Arab descent? Shouldn’t Herman Cain, better than anyone else among the GOP presidential candidates understand just what racial profiling means? He was clearly out of his league on yet another important issue — national policy, just like his “slowness” on foreign policy. Of course, he couldn’t get Wolf Blitzer’s name right. He called him Blitz. Got a little flustered talking about something other than his 999 plan.

It is also ironic that Herman Cain chose to talk about targeted identification in a city that is predominantly black, even though we saw a smattering of black faces during the debate. The least CNN could have done was to allow a black audience member to ask a question instead of a “think tank-type” person. We haven’t heard anything that the Republican candidates would do to help the black community overcome its high unemployment rates.

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