Scottie Pippen, Jon Bon Jovi Among Top 1% Collecting $30 Billion in Government Largesse Yearly

Just when many on the right are dismissing the Occupy Wall Street movement, Newsweek published an article stating Americans earning more than $1 million collect more than $30 billion in government largesse each year. That’s according to a report assembled by Sen. Tom Coburn and is backed up by the Internal Revenue Service’s data showing how much money was going to the much-referenced top one percent.

Among the list of wealthy recipients are Scottie Pippen, who reportedly to $210,520 in agricultural subsidies while making a fortune in the NBA; Jon Bon Jovi, who took federal cash to raise honeybees on his property and media mogul Ted Turner, who accepted half a million dollars in farm payments, the Daily Beast reports. Then they say the Occupy Wall Street Movement is made up of a bunch of rabblerousers.

The rich will continue to hit paydirt at the expense of the middle class and the poor in this country. Count how many middle class lawmakers you have sitting in Congress.

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