Comedienne Kathy Griffin Takes Top Off, Sports Bra during CNN New Year’s Eve Special

HILARIOUS & SHOCKING: Could this be the year CNN bans comedienne Kathy Griffin from co-hosting the New Year’s Eve special with Anderson Cooper? Um, she took her top off and sported her bra for a few minutes. Anderson Cooper was visibly shocked but managed to say she had a “rocking body.” You have to admit it was hilarious and sick at the same time as Anderson Cooper looked like a deer caught between headlights. Cooper was right to say “are you frikkin’ kidding me.” No, Kathy Griffin, you can’t seduce Anderson Cooper. She also said, “I’m not issuing an apology. When CNN issues an apology, they are on their own…” and “Anderson you’d better not throw me under a bus like Ryan Seacrest.”

Kathy Griffin strips down to her bra during CNN’s New Year’s Eve show

Kathy Porter, Wife of Braves Trainer Jeff Porter, Killed in Wreck Involving State Trooper Donald Crozier

Kathy Porter, wife of Atlanta Braves trainer Jeff Porter, killed Saturday afternoon in accident involving a Georgia State Patrol cruiser driven by State Trooper Donald Crozier in downtown Atlanta.

Kathy Porter, wife of Atlanta Braves trainer Jeff Porter, was killed Saturday afternoon when the Ford Expedition she was riding in was struck by a Georgia State Patrol cruiser in downtown Atlanta. Trooper First Class Donald Crozier, a 10-year veteran, was en route to assist in a chase on nearby Interstate 20 when he crashed into Porter family SUV. He has reportedly been suspended from his position.

Porter, his wife, Kathy, and son David were on their way to the Chick-fil-A Bowl when their Ford Expedition was hit by the GSP vehicle at Capitol Avenue and Memorial Drive around 4:40 p.m.

The Fulton County Medical Examiner’s office confirmed to the AJC that Kathy Porter, 54, of Loganville died in the crash. Her husband and son were injured. Their conditions were not immediately available. Source

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Porter family. This holiday season has been marred with so much tragedy.

UPDATE#1: The Atlanta Braves issued the following statement about the tragic accident that led to the death of Kathy Porter:

ATLANTA – The Braves family is deeply saddened and shocked to learn about the tragic accident today involving the family of Head Athletic Trainer Jeff Porter and the death of his wife Kathy. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Jeff and Kathy’s family, their son David and all their friends and loved ones. 

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Off-Duty ATF Agent John Capano Fatally Shot Foiling LI Drug Store Robbery

Veteran off-duty ATF agent John Capano fatally shot foiling robbery attempt at Charlie’s Family Pharmacy in Seaford, Long Island, robbery suspect also killed.

Veteran off-duty Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) agent John Capano was fatally shot during a melee at Charlie’s Family Pharmacy in Seaford, NY, between cops and a thief. John Capano, who had just returned home from a four-month tour in Iraq and Afghanistan, was killed while struggling with a robbery suspect outside the pharmacy.

Agent Capano was off duty and in the shopping center’s parking lot at about 2:00 pm when the suspect entered the pharmacy and robbed it of OxyContin and cash. Several patrons were able to exit the store during the robbery and then pointed out the suspect as he exited. Agent Capano immediately confronted the suspect and a struggle as Agent Capano attempted to disarm the man.

A retired Nassau County police officer and an off-duty New York City police officer who were in a deli next door were also alerted. Both came out of the deli and discovered the men struggling. One of the officers fired at them, killing the suspect. Agent Capano was also fatally wounded during the shooting.

If Agent John Capano was shot by friendly fire, this is the second time this year I can remember that happening. What a sad way to end the year, which has been quite tumultuous. Agent John Capano, who served with ATF for 23 years, is survived by his wife and two children.

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Wakir Bryant Arrested on Manslaughter Charges for Death of NJ Toddler Mikhy Robinson

Newark man Wakir Bryant held on $1 million bail for the fatal shooting of two year old toddler Mikhy Robinson, who was shot in the head Friday morning.

SHOCK:  Wakir Bryant was arrested Friday evening on aggravated manslaughter charges in the shooting death of his girlfriend’s two-year-old Mikhy Robinson in Newark, NJ. The toddler was shot in the head. I know a person is innocent until proven guilty, but why would this fool have a loaded gun around a toddler?

An official familiar with the investigation says Mikhy’s mother was asleep Friday morning and awoke to see her boyfriend holding the bleeding toddler and saying repeatedly: “I’m so sorry.”

The official spoke on condition of anonymity because that person was not authorized to release details about the case. Authorities say the boyfriend drove the boy and his mother to a hospital, where the toddler was pronounced dead. Source

It’s no surprise to learn Wakir Bryant has a lengthy criminal history, including an affinity to weapons. His bail was set at $1 million. That’s a small victory for Mikhy Robinson. This man won’t be on the streets again for years. Gun violence has marred this holiday season. Shocking, shameful and sad at the same time.

William McKendrick Kills Ex-Wife Sonia Lozano McKendrick, Her Brother in Double Murder-Suicide

William McKendrick shoots ex-wife Sonia Lozano McKendrick and her brother Melton Lozano Jr. in double murder-suicide as child custody dispute escalated in Corpus Christi, TX.

William McKendrick Kills Ex-Wife Sonia Lozano McKendrick, Her Brother in Double Murder-Suicide

Melton Lozano Jr. and his sister, Sonia Lozano McKendrick, were killed in Corpus Christi in a double murder-suicide after the woman’s ex-husband, William McKendrick, opened fire on them both, before committing suicide. Police said an argument over child custody escalated into a double murder-suicide, KRIS-TV reports.

William McKendrick went to pick up his 7-year old son at his wife’s house. The wife walked outside, noticed a weapon, and ran back inside screaming.

The woman was shot multiple times. Her brother, 57-year-old Melton Lozano, Jr, was killed when he tried to stop McKendrick.

The shooter was later found at his parents’ house where a SWAT team was called out. McKendrick shot himself before he was apprehended. He later died at the hospital. Source

Thankfully the child at the center of the dispute is unharmed, but now he has no mother. Domestic violence continues to escalate across this country.

Off-Duty Chicago Police Officer Clifton Lewis Fatally Shot During Grocery Store Robbery

Off-duty Chicago police officer Clifton Lewis fatally shot during robbery attempt at M&M Quick Foods on North Austin Boulevard.

Off-duty Chicago police officer Clifton Lewis, 41, was fatally shot attempting to take action during a robbery at M&M Quick Foods on North Austin Boulevard.

Officer Clifton Lewis was working an overtime security detail at the store, which had been robbed several weeks earlier, when two male subjects entered the store at about 8:30 pm. One of the men shot Officer Lewis multiple times before grabbing his service weapon and badge and fleeing the store.

Officer Lewis was transported to Stroger Hospital where he succumbed to his wounds. The two suspects remain at large. Source

Officer Clifton Lewis, who is an eight year veteran with the Chicago Police Department,  was assigned to the Austin District’s Tactical Team. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Officer Clifton Lewis. No-one has been arrested for the officer’s murder.

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Portia Simpson-Miller and PNP Poised to Win Jamaica General Election


The PNP is leading in the number of declared seats in the Jamaican general elections. It seems that the loud-mouthed, bad manners former prime minister Portia Simpson-Miller is poised to win election. Thanks to the Dudus scandal that ended Bruce Golding’s tenure in office as PM, Andrew Holness is probably going to lose. Well, Portia Simpson Miller wrecked the country the first time and she will do so again.

View the election results in real time at the Jamaica Observer — CLICK HERE.

Riva Tims to Sue New Destiny Over Appointment of Paula White as New Senior Pastor

Riva Tims to sue New Destiny Christian Center over choice of Paula White to lead the megachurch as new senior pastor even though the church law states she’s the rightful leader.

Riva Tims to Sue New Destiny Over Appointment of Paula White as New Senior Pastor (CFN News 13)

The drama continues to unfold at New Destiny Christian Center, the megachurch Zachery Tims and his then-wife Riva Tims built. The church board has announced that Paula White, the “Christian gold-digger,” is now the pastor. Um, I’d love to see a white pastor lead a black megachurch.  Thanks to our friends over at A Toast 2 Wealth for giving us the heads-up on this lawsuit soon-to-be filed by Riva Tims.

At a Thursday morning news conference, Tims said she will “no longer be silent” over who the church’s board members chose to replace Zachary Tims.

“The board has refused to meet with me,” Riva Tims said. “They have refused to meet with me with in any capacity, and so has Pastor Paula White.”

Robert Gibson, Riva Tims’ attorney, said, “There are several counts concerning the board, concerning Paula White and the activity the board has taken which we feel is illegal.”

Gibson also said that Riva Tims is the legal and rightful air to the church according to law. Source

I don’t blame Riva Tims one bit. Fight for what’s rightfully yours and your children. What ever happened to the church Paula White built with Randy White? She’s just slinking around trying to find some gullible people to sink her hooks into. The church board at New Destiny sold out Riva Tims. Shameful. Black folks throwing one of their own under a bus and for what?

Has anyone stopped to ask what Paula White’s true intentions are? Believe me, she isn’t so pure of heart and in spirit as she would have people believe. I can imagine how much money New Destiny is paying her. Riva Tims should get an injunction to stop Paula White from ever setting foot into that church as its senior pastor. She has to protect the church family and her kids.

NYC Museum School Principal Darlene Miller Charged with Drunk Driving

Darlene Miller, principal of top-performing Museum School in Chelsea, Manhattan, charged with drunk driving after hitting stopped police cruiser and narrowly missing the police officer.

NYC Museum School Principal Darlene Miller Charged with Drunk Driving (NY Post)

SHAME:  Darlene Miller, principal of top-performing NYC Museum School in Chelsea, was charged with drunk driving after she hit a stopped police cruiser, the New York Post reports. She has a court date for January 9 in Rockland County for driving while intoxicated. I have zero tolerance for anyone who gets behind the wheel of a car and drives while drunk. They are asking for trouble.

Cops said Miller — who has a reputation for strictness — was driving north on Route 9W toward the Tappan Zee Bridge two Saturdays ago when she smashed her Hyundai into the back of the cruiser — which had just pulled over another driver.

Miller, 64, refused to submit to tests of her blood-alcohol level, but smelled of alcohol and had impaired speech and coordination, according to the officer’s deposition.

“Her vehicle was so heavily damaged, it came to rest on the barrier near the entrance of the freeway,” South Nyack Police Chief Robert Van Cura said. “She admitted she had something to drink before she drove the car — but not how much.” Source

Darlene Miller should be fired from her high-paying job because of this terrible lapse in judgment. At a minimum, she should be placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the case.

White South African Politician Helen Zille Under Fire for Calling Musician “Professional Black”

White South African political leader Helen Zille under fire for describing musician Simphiwe Dana as a “professional black” during racism row on Twitter.

White South African Politician Helen Zille Under Fire for Calling Musician "Professional Black"

Who is a professional black in South Africa? That term caused an online racism row on Twitter. Helen Zille, the white leader of the Democratic Alliance, has come under fire for using the term ‘professional black’ to describe musician Simphiwe Dana.

The Helen Zille definition of a professional black: “People who base their life and purpose around their colour.”

The Helen Zille definition of a professional white: “It is someone who is self-obsessed and claims victimhood because they are white.”

How did we get to this place? According to the Times of South Africa, the Twitter racism row began when model and singer Lindiwe Suttle tweeted about the racism she has suffered in Cape Town, the country’s most popular tourist destination.

“No matter how famous/rich you are, you’re still a 2nd class citizen if you’re Black in Cape Town, @helenzille when’s the change you spoke about happening,” she wrote.

That didn’t sit pretty with Helen Zille and she put her foot in her mouth with her ridiculous responses.

Zille, a former mayor of Cape Town and now premier of Western Cape province, shot back: “What complete nonsense,” going on to say it was “a baseless assertion”.

Then others waded in. Marang Setshwaelo, who describes herself as a publicist and entrepreneur, posted: “Someone says they feel racism, ‘What Nonsense!’ is NOT an appropriate response.”

Again Zille, a prolific tweeter, countered: “They did NOT say they ‘feel’ racism. They said Cape Town IS racist. BIG difference. I respect feelings but not blanket accusations.”

I guess Helen Zille has learned two valuable lessons — you can’t presume to understand how a people who has been discriminated against should feel nor should you underestimate  the power of social media.