Drudge Report, White House Dossier Go After Michelle Obama for Spending Presidents’ Day Weekend in Aspen

The White House Dossier and The Drudge Report are going after First Lady Michelle Obama for opting to spend her vacation in Aspen, Colo., with her daughters. What’s irking the right is that she had just returned last month from a 17-day vacation in Hawaii. Michelle Obama spent last Presidents’ Day weekend in Vail, so this seems to be a tradition of sorts. I will concede the point that given the economic struggles most Americans are enduring, these lavish vacations are over-the-top, but this should go for all First Ladies, not just Michelle Obama.

White House Dossier: Michelle’s decision to ski out West again instead of hitting slopes closer to Washington would seem an inopportune choice for a first lady who is helping her husband campaign on issues of “fairness.”

The Obama campaign has set itself up as the defender of the poor and the middle class against the “One Percent,” a theme which clashes with the image a first lady who is taking frequent and exclusive vacations.

Just last August, she sojourned on Martha’s Vineyard, and the month before she travelled to southern Africa for a trip that mixed official business with tourist outings like an African safari. In July 2010, she took an exorbitant excursion to the southern coast of Spain, flying out with friends and family on a large jet that often serves as Air Force 2 and then staying at a ritzy hotel.

To be fair, I would expect cost-cutting measures and austerity to also come from the White House, not just Main Street. I understand the president and his family will go on vacations, but we don’t need to hear the elitist labels being tagged on to the Obamas because of lavish trips. On the flip-side, this isn’t just about the Obamas, it also includes members of Congress and past administrations. White House Dossier is very disingenuous because the mission of the website is to slam President Obama and his family. I am pretty sure the White House Dossier wasn’t hen-pecking former presidents George W. Bush, for example.

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  • Pelmo

    Janet if she hitched a ride as the president went on his fund raising tour out West, then it wouldn’t be so bad. But she is starting to act like royalty and I can’t recall any of the First Ladies prior to Michelle flying off by themselves on lavish vacations. When you make yourself a target, then you can’t complain when pot shots are taken.
    Even my wife who is a staunch supporter of the president is getting a bit tired of his playing up to the 1% while he pretends to be on Main Streets side. His current trip to the West Coast is a prime example. Those with less then$250 need not apply. Those with $250 and above got a song and dance. But those with $25,000 and above got the pleasure of dining and wineing with the president.

  • ecoco

    We say kiss off, it’s the First lady and the President “BUSINESS,” HOW THEY WANT TO SPEND TIME WITH THEY CHILDREN, YOUR IGNORANT AND STUPIDITY IS BEYOND NORMAL. If you have children we hope you can find a way to spend some quality time, with them, if you’re a Parent and stop whing about the treat the President and First lady give they Daughters, do as did, we all got together and gether up all our grand Children and went shopping, had dinner out, visit Friends and tomorrow we all will go to Sunday School, stop the Hate, do something worthwhile.

    • Pelmo

      Ecoco I would love to throw my kids and grandkids on a plane and take them around the world on vacations on a minutes notice. And then I would love it a whole lot more when the TAXPAYERS picked up the tab. I don’t begrudge the President or his family their vacations. But when they go over the top and at my expense, then I get a little ticked off.

  • yes WHD did castigate Bush,but Barry n th 1st grifter are easy targets,being idiot lefties