Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera Says “Term Illegal Alien May Not be Racist, but Undeniably a Cheap Shot”

Geraldo Rivera has a problem with the term “illegal alien” but thinks wearing a hoodie sends the wrong message about a teen. You know, that he is a thug. SMH.

Twitter responses:

Teen Driver Dejon Wideman Charged with Vehicular Homicide, Other Charges in Death of Meadowcreek HS Student Johlonda Lindsey

Teen Driver Dejon Wideman Charged with Vehicular Homicide, Other Charges in Death of Meadowcreek HS Student Johlonda Lindsey

Teen driver Dejon Wideman, 19, was charged with vehicular homicide in the early morning crash that killed Meadowcreek High School junior track star Johlonda Lindsey dead and injured three others while they were on their way to an after-prom party. He was caused with causing the wreck on Steve Reynolds Boulevard early Sunday morning that also left two other passengers in his vehicle,  sisters  Colleena Walker, 15,  and Kendrea Walker, 16,  injured. Dejon Wideman is also a student at Meadowcreek High School.  Police said Wideman’s Chevrolet Trailblazer was traveling north on Steve Reynolds Boulevard when it veered to avoid a car in front of it, crossed the center line and was struck by a Ford Freestar traveling southbound driven by Freddie Banks, also a Meadowcreek student, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the families involved, especially the family of Johlonda Lindsey. I can’t imagine how the family of Dejon Wideman must feel at a time like this. This tragedy could have been avoided. Johlonda Lindsey’s father said it best, parents must teach their children that they must wear a seatbelt when they are traveling in a vehicle. It could have possibly saved Johlonda Lindsey’s life. A car load of teenagers is a recipe for disaster and should be discouraged on all fronts.

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Production Assistant on “The View” Shot in Stomach at NYC Deli Because She Took Too Long to Order Sandwich

JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL:  Lourdes Guillen, 25, a production assistant on “The View” was shot in the stomach Sunday a New York deli yesterday because she took too long ordering her food. Three armed thugs fired on her as she tried to protect her cousin, Juan Medina, who had already been shot twice. She’s listed in stable condition at Bellevue Hospital.


Michael Baisden Starts Petition to Get His Radio Show on WBLS After Accusing Station of “Buffoonery”

Michael Baisden Starts Petition to Get His Radio Show on WBLS After Accusing Station of "Buffoonery"

Michael Baisden’s radio show was a casualty of the merger of WRKS (KISS-FM) and WBLS, which was effective April 30. He and Tom Joyner have found themselves literally squeezed out of the New York City market, while Steve Harvey’s show remains on the airwaves in this important black urban market. Well, Michael Baisden isn’t taking this lying down. He wants the listening public to know what happened and help him get on WBLS. Here’s his statement:

Buffoonery Over Activism: Do we really prefer music and jokes over content?

After I received the devastating news on Thursday that 98.7 Kiss FM in New York was taking my show off and going to an all-sports format, I thought to myself: who is going to sound the alarm in New York when the next Jena 6 happens–or Trayvon Martin–or Presidential election? And who’s going to promote mentoring to save our children, and talk about domestic violence, and child molestation? When you come up with a radio personality’s name who can be trusted to consistently and passionately address these issues on mainstream FM radio, please let me know.

I don’t know about you, but I think we’re going down a dangerous path as African Americans, and as Americans in general, when we allow our voices to be silenced on FM radio while personalities like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and others continue to spew racist, divisive, and sexist language over hundreds of radio stations across the country. The public cannot be expected to act if they don’t know there is an emergency, they cannot march if they don’t know whose rights have been violated, and they cannot fight if they have been put to sleep by buffoonery and the repetitive recycling of what is often bad music.

Now, let me be clear, I have no problem with a radio station turning a profit; this is the advertising business after all. Our sponsors buy commercial time based on the ratings, but The Michael Baisden Show was the highest-rated afternoon urban adult program in New York at the time of this change. That’s a fact! And the show has been competitive in every book…or winning its time slot ever since I arrived at the station in 2003. How then do you explain every other show being moved to WBLS except this one? Is it personal or is there something more disturbing going on, a conscious effort to dumb down and silence any voice that uplifts and informs “The People?”

I have no desire to be the sore loser in this. If people prefer one programming to another, then you accept the outcome and keep it moving. But in these times of Republican policies that rob us of our voting rights and the legal system that is locking up more people of color than ever before, we cannot afford to have jokes and slow jams be at the center of our information outlets. Isn’t it funny that during one of the most critical times in our nation’s history, there are fewer African-American AM and FM shows giving information than ever before? What’s really going on, and more importantly, what can we do about it? Well, believe it or not, “The People” do have the power! Source: Radio Facts

Well, I’m not sure if this will work, but you have to give him credit for trying. Michael Baisden’s show was ranked pretty high in New York City but to call the whole process “buffoonery” won’t help his cause one iota. You can’t accuse the station you are trying to get on of being buffoons and be taken serious. We wish Michael Baisden luck and will keep you updated on this drama….

Frantic 911 Call Made by Jennifer Hudson’s Sister, Julia Hudson, Released in Court as Evidence in Trial of William Balfour

The frantic 911 call in the murders of singer Jennifer Hudson’s mother, nephew and brother was released in court today as evidence in the trial of William Balfour, who stands accused of the murders. The frantic 911 call was made by her sister, Julia Hudson, who made the gruesome discovery when she came home from work and noticed a bullet hole in the door. She saw her mother lying on the floor and ran outside to call the police, saying “somebody killed my mother.” At that point, she didn’t realize her brother was also dead inside and her son, Julian, missing, TMZ reports. His body was found days later in a parked SUV.

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Etch-a-Sketch Alert: Mitt Romney On Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan, “Even Jimmy Carter Would Have Given that Order”

QUOTE OF THE DAY:  Mitt Romney, quoted by Politico on whether he would have given the order to go after Osama bin Laden in Pakistan:  “Of course, even Jimmy Carter would have given that order.”

Um, really Mitt? Another Etch-a-Sketch moment. Didn’t he say back in 2008, the he would get permission from Pakistan first and it wasn’t worth the money to kill just one man? This speaks to his poor grasp on foreign policy and his lack of political integrity — flip flops depending on how the breeze blows. Don’t hate on Obama for doing what George W. Bush didn’t bother doing.


ESPN Analyst Skip Bayless Says Redskins Drafted Kirk Cousins Because They are RACISTS

ESPN Analyst Skip Bayless Says Redskins Drafted Kirk Cousins Because They are RACISTS

WTF:  ESPN’s First Take sports analyst Skip Bayless said the only reason the Washington Redskins drafter Michigan State’s quarterback Kirk Cousins is because the “Redskins are RACISTS.” Cousins was drafted in the fourth round and the team gave up a lot in order to draft Baylor University’s Robert Griffin III second overall. Do we have to interject race into every dogfight? SMH.

These so-called analysts representing ESPN are making too many mistakes. It’s time for them to get serious about the venom spewed on the airwaves on their platform.

Did Obama Campaign’s New Slogan “Forward” Come from MSNBC’s “Lean Forward?”

Did the Obama campaign’s new slogan “Forward,” come from MSNBC’s “Lean Forward?” That’s trending on Twitter and many people beg to differ.

To compare the “Forward” slogan to Communism is just plain reckless, but then what do we expect from the right wing?

Black-Owned Radio One Founder Cathy Hughes Earns $750K, Son Alfred Liggins Base Salary $980K in 2011 Plus Bonuses

Black-Owned Radio One Founder Cathy Hughes Earns $750K, Son Alfred Liggins Base Salary $980K in 2011 Plus Bonuses

Salary information forblack-owned Radio One executives have been released to the public and it’s rather interesting, considering they are still in the red. CEO Alfred Liggins pulled in $980,000 in base salary and a $447,735 bonus. Liggins took a 22% pay cut in 2011, earning $3.27 million vs. $4.2 million in 2010.

Radio One founder Cathy Hughes was paid $750,000 and is eligible for a cash bonus up to $250,000 at the sole discretion of the board. Liggins was granted options to purchase over one million shares of Class D common stock, valued at $1.62 million and 300,000 restricted shares of Class D common stock. His mother was granted granted options to purchase 600,000 shares of Class D common stock as well as 150,000 restricted shares of Class D common stock, Radio-Online reports.

Must be nice raking in all that dough, while offering subpar television programming.

Def a Annual Meeting

Black Radio Suffers Another Blow, KBLX Loses Kevin Brown and Antoine Davis, Gains Steve Harvey Morning Show

Black Radio Suffers Another Blow, KBLX Loses Kevin Brown and Antoine Davis, Gains Steve Harvey Morning Show

More fallout from Inner City Broadcasting Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing:  San Francisco’s KBLX loses its longtime morning host and program director Kevin Brown, as well as on-air personality Antoine Davis.  The Steve Harvey Morning Show will take over May 7.  Unlike New York City’s WBLS, 102.9 KBLX will survive under separate ownership.

RADIO ONLINE:  Entercom/San Francisco will begin operating KBLX-FM/San Francisco under a time brokerage agreement (TBA) beginning May 1. The U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York approved the TBA and the sale of KBLX to Entercom. The transaction is expected to close later this year. Steve Harvey’s syndicated show will begin airing mornings on Monday, May 7. A search for a new PD is underway.

“Entercom couldn’t be more excited to start working with a tremendous heritage brand like KBLX. KBLX has done a magnificent job of serving the local community, and we look forward to continuing to do that at Entercom,” said VP/Market Manager Dwight Walker. “Adding Steve Harvey in the morning makes KBLX better. His mass appeal will resonate with KBLX listeners and bring in a wider audience over time.”

“KBLX has a long history in San Francisco and I truly feel blessed to be a part of their lineup. A special thanks to my friends at Entercom for their confidence in bringing The Steve Harvey Morning Show to the Bay Area. This has been a great week for me,” said Harvey. “I have the number #1 book and movie in the country at the same time. Now, I’m in the Bay Area, and I want to continue this winning streak! I will be waking KBLX listeners up every morning with inspiration and a whole lot of funny!”

I guess Steve Harvey must be doing all the right things, including his movie, “Think Like a Man’ movie keeping its #1 spot at the weekend box office. But I don’t view him as a gain for these markets at the expense of well-seasoned on-air personalities such as Kevin Brown, Michael Baisden and Tom Joyner.  It’s a sad commentary that black urban radio is slowly dying and corporate giants such as Entercom are facilitating that process.

UPDATE#1 (05/01/12): A petition was started on by Darla Neal urging Entercom Communications Corp. to rehire Kevin Brown. You may view and sign the petition HERE.

Beyond Chron has a great article about the impending demise of black radio:

The move to fire Brown, who was the voice and face of KBLX reinforces fears by Tatum and many others that Entercom is not totally committed to keeping KBLX’s current format. The Bay Area has been the graveyard for attempts by other companies to air recorded syndicated African American morning shows on San Francisco radio stations.