Black Teens Julius Ricardo Bender and Yahaziel Isaac Israel Arrested for Beating Man with Hammer in Sanford FL

Black Teens Julius Ricardo Bender, left, and Yahaziel Isaac Israel, right, Arrested for Beating Man with Hammer in Sanford FL (Seminole County Sheriff's Office)

SHAME:  Julius Ricardo Bender and Yahaziel Isaac Israel are facing attempted first-degree murder charges, as well as burglary with assault or battery and armed robbery for brutally beating a man with a hammer in east Sanford community, the Orlando Sentinel reports. The beating occurred about a week ago in Midway and a tip to the Crimeline led to the arrest of these two alleged thugs.

Of course, the right wing media, particularly The Drudge Report, are running with this story, to somehow paint a parallel between the behavior of these two teens and Trayvon Martin. We all know the only reason the Drudge Report is featuring this story is because of the Trayvon Martin murder case.


  • Dcuriel

    these ignoratn LOSERS are in jail where they belong! they forfeited their right to be in polite society. The difference is they committed a cold blooded MURDER and were arrested. Zimmerman MURDERED a child and HID behind the lame “stand your ground” statute, but since they figured it was a “black kid”, they allowed Zimmerman to be FREE….

    • akw

      Zimmerman shot a 6’2″ 17 year old who physically attacked him.  They didn’t ‘allow’ Zimmerman to be free.  They took him into custody, interrogated him for 5 hours, took him back to the scene the next day and made him reenact the shooting, and the prosecutor made the decision that there was not evidence to charge Zimmerman with anything.

  • akw

    Are you serious?  People are telling this story because were sick of the hypocritical race-hustlers who attacked Zimmerman as a racist and made a saint out of Trayvon, but never bother to cover call out the black thugs like this who commit a huge number of crimes in this country.  We’re not comparing these men to Trayvon – we’re contrasting the way Zimmerman and these thugs were treated by the black community and the media.

  • Pelmo

    Janet why is Zimmerman GUILTY and these two are only  the ALLEGED offenders.
    Also why the prominent display of the races in one case and not the other, and nothing in the news media about it?

  • RobertS

    Janet shan, you left wing vagina.  Over 12 whites were brutally murdered by blacks in the month before and after trayvon was killed.

    Why is there no national coverage of these “racially charged” crimes?

    Why is it that every time someone points out the double standards of “black leaders”, you get your panties in a bunch?

  • RobertS

    when a half white, half hispanic guy kills a person in self defense, blacks scream “racist hate crime”

    When a black kills a white for ANY REASON, blacks say????


    How am I supposed to side with such hypocrites?  I mean really.

  • Hey Janet, how come you didn’t mention the ethnicity of the victim in this case?  What’s the problem?  Something not fitting your agenda?

  • Angry

    Haven’t seen an update on this – wonder why????

  • disqusman

    How about an update on this story.

  • A one sided media is not a creditable resource or news worthy. The left talks about fairness and gives none of it. This is why the left is loosing ground for a lack of trustworthiness.