NYPD Elite Unit Supervisors Capt. James Coan, Lt. Daniel Davin Accused of Treating Blacks Like “Animals”

NYPD RACISM SCANDAL: Capt. James Coan and Lt. Daniel Davin, two supervisors at the elite firearms suppression unit of the New York Police Department have been accused of racism towards black suspects, saying they should be “treated like animals” and “deserving of a bullet to the head,” the NY Daily News reports. Coan and Davin are also accused of treating black detectives with a great deal of disdain. The allegations are part of a sworn deposition from three members of the unit.

The testimony given by the three details how Capt. James Coan and Lt. Daniel Davin created a hostile environment for both their black detectives and suspected minority-group gun traffickers, said the plaintiffs’ lawyer, Eric Sanders.

Davin used the N-word to address black suspects, while Coan considered the unit’s minority-group targets almost subhuman, the depositions indicate.

“Capt. Coan would tell the field team . . . ‘They are f—–g animals. You make sure if you have to shoot, you shoot them in the head. That way there’s one story,’ ” said the retired detective. Source: NY Daily News

People continue to wonder why blacks, particularly black males are so distrustful of the police.