Americans James Blackston, Unnamed Teen, Arrested in Connection with Death of Nicola Furlong After Nicki Minaj Tokyo Concert

Americans James Blackston, Unnamed Teen, Arrested in Connection with Death of Nicola Furlong After Nicki Minaj Tokyo Concert

TOP STORY:  Two black Americans, one identified as dancer James Blackstone (James “King Tight” Blackstone or James Blackston), and another unnamed teen, (reported as Richard Hinds) have been arrested in connection with the death of an Irish exchange student, Nicola Furlong, in Tokyo, Japan. Both men were reportedly arrested for “fondling” a friend of the victim in the back of a taxi cab, according to earlier media reports. It is not clear if the men were connected to rapper Nicki Minaj, whose concert Nicola Furlong had attended. The U.S. State Department confirmed that two Americans were arrested and a police investigation is underway. Nicola Furlong reportedly died from cervical compression, known as strangulation. She was found unconscious in the hotel room of the 19 year old musician, identified as Larry Perry by some media outlets. Furlong, who attended Takasaki City University of Economics in Gunma Prefecture, died Thursday after spending a night in the Keio Plaza Hotel following the Nicki Minaj concert.

King Tight’s Twitter @kingtightbucc20 is no longer working nor can you view his profile on MySpace.  Blackston has reportedly served as background dancer for Omarion and Marques Houston in Osaka. He supposedly appeared in music videos for the Black Eyed Peas, Chris Brown, and J. Lo.  Here is a picture of James Blackston, AKA King Tight:

Dancer James Blackston, AKA King Tight, Being Held in Japan for Murder of Nicola Furlong (MySpace)

One of the two suspects, a 19-year-old who identified himself as a musician, was in the room with the woman when hotel staff went up to probe a complaint about loud noise. The two men were charged with indecent assault on the student’s 21-year-old female friend, who was in a separate room with the other man, but police suspect they were involved in the student’s death, investigative sources said.

She arrived with her friend in Tokyo on Wednesday afternoon, and after catching a concert at a club in Koto Ward the two men approached them and invited them to a meal, the sources said. After deciding to take a cab to the hotel, where both men were staying, the two allegedly raped the Irish woman’s drunk friend inside the taxi, they said. Upon arriving at the hotel, the musician paired off with the Irish woman and the other two went to a different room. Source

Not to blame the victim, but going off to the room of a perfect stranger isn’t smart, no matter which country you are in. We have seen the tragic results such actions can have. Remember American teen Natalee Holloway, who mysteriously disappeared in Aruba after hooking up with Joran Van Der Sloot? If the allegations against the 19 year old, in whose room Nicola Furlong was found unconscious, are true, then he doesn’t need to see the outside of a prison cell again. If both men raped Nicola Furlong’s friend, then the appropriate punishment should be meted out to them.  Like Joran Van Der Sloot, they represent the worst of humanity.

UPDATE#1 (05/29/12):  Richard Hinds, who is being held along with his pal James Blackston for sexually assaulting Sarah Maher, could face death penalty for Nicola Furlong’s murder. Read more:

UPDATE#2 (06/15/12):  The unnamed teen, who has been identified as Richard Hinds, has been arrested for the death of Nicola Furlong. James Blackston has been arrested for groping her friend, Sarah Maher.

  • Joe

    Dear Japanese Authorities,

    Even if he didn’t murder the poor girl.  Please keep him in one of your worst cells.  He clearly is an obnoxious, rude, and inconsiderate human being.  America doesn’t want him back.


    99% of all Americans

    • sarah stein

      I doubt he murdered her, I think it was erotic asphyxiation gone wrong.

      • Flik

        .. it would be someone with the surname stein who would come up with such a sick  excuse. my god you people really are degenerate filth.

        • BunnyOle

          LMAO !!! well said.

      • Guest

        You’re a total retard! Do some research on the topic before making assumption.. You don’t know Nicola and you clearly have no idea what type of girl she was with statements like that!!!

        • Sleep

          no u are ! 
          he ain’t no damn killer fool!
          I known this dude for yrs!!!!

          • Mohamadcartoonist

            Sleep – in 1985 the Japanese Prime Minister had it right “Americans biggest problem is what to do with the blacks” You people are a horrible drain on society and are responsible for over 90% of all interracial crimes. No country wants blacks. Blacks destroy everything everywhere good for nothing race. Hundreds of thousands of crimes are committed by blacks in the US every year by blacks yet they only make-up12% of the population. Do you really believe that anyone wants living near them. World wide the black race parallels the aides virus – no one wants it. I hope everyone sees how incredibly nauseous, disrespectful that monkey on the subway was.

          • PONeill

            Uncalled for trolling comment. I grew up beside some of the worst scum of the earth and they are white !! Blacks don’t have a monopoly here.

      • BunnyOle

        Her girlfriend has no memory of the night, and it was stated that date rape drugs were involved. How could it be ‘erotic asphyxiation gone wrong’ when she wasn’t even conscious? ALSO, DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT TAKES TO STRANGLE SOMEONE TO DEATH??? 5 TO 10 MINUTES, OF EYEBALLS BULGING OUT AND FACE SWELLING UP WHILE TURNING PURPLE. EYEBALLS BECOMING BLOOD RED. THERE IS NO WAY ONE PERSON CAN ‘ACCIDENTALLY’ DO IT TO SOMEONE ELSE, you can do it to yourself when you are alone and pass out, then nobody can get the rope off your neck and you die.

  • 16candles

    We don’t know if they were given a date rape drug.  We don’t have all the details.  All I know is she was a pretty girl.  If it is true, what is wrong with these two?  What happened to the days when a 1 night stand didn’t end with murder?  The ugly Americans in every sense of the word!

    • 16candles

      Don’t you mean jews??

    • Mary James

      I agree with your comments. When American’s travel to Europe, Japan or Columbia they act so stupid and treat the people of these countries as knowing nothing. America today is one violent country and African Americans are  responsible for most of the crimes. I hope that the jerks that did this crime get their day in court and hopefully it is Japan

      • Sleep

        how can u say that? this not his first time in Japan –_–? ugh u ppl are so dumb!!! this dude travels all over the world dancing.
        this dude is doing a dance called Krump. its clear he has on headphones -_- ugh u ppl know nothing about the world we are in now 

        • BunnyOle

          yeah and for all you know he has left a string of ‘drug rape’ victims behind him. What does that have to do with ANYTHING? Why are you talking about KRUMP? What has that got to do with anything you are responding to? I find it HYSTERICAL an OAF like you who has never been anywhere can tell other people they know nothing about ‘the world’ WE are in right now. Europe is NOT the USA and things are completely different here. See 20 years ago, there were not hardly in black people in Sweden, now there are many having been immigrated from Africa, and the incidence of rape has increased 1000% here. 85% of all convicted rapists are African or Arab immigrants. The crime rate has exploded, gun crimes were non existent before, now are rampant, even though NORMAL citizens CAN’T PURCHASE GUNS. CHILD rape has increased 600%.

          YOU ARE THE ONE who doesn’t know anything about the world.

          • dirk

            BS dude. I live in Sweden and your Swedish crime “stats” are just fabrications of your mind or leftwing propaganda. /Cheers

          • dirk

            My bad! Right Wing propaganda 🙂

      • BunnyOle

        Let me tell you one thing, you are right when it comes to blacks being mostly responsible. HOWEVER, I am from America and worked in a business where I had to deal with a lot of international tourists, and uh, honey, it’s Europeans who are rude as hell.

  • Students2001

    ‘not to blame the victim’ it doesnt matter whether she voluntarily went to his hotel room or not!!! who do you think you are?? She was murdered. an innocent beautiful young woman is dead now and it’s his fault

  • nicholasstix

    Ms. Shan,
    The Japan Times story you cited as your source does not name James Blackston or Larry Perry, nor does any other source published prior to this story. Did the JT previously name the two, but since scrub their names?
    Did some other source previously report their names, but since scrub them, or delete the story naming them altogether?

    • Nicholas — I didn’t cite the JT for the names. I found that out through investigative journalism. By the way, CNN reported James Blackston’s name early Sunday morning. The teen’s name has not been released because he is considered a minor under Japanese law. I don’t believe James Blackston’s name was scrubbed. The only thing that’s a little strange is that they won’t say whether or not he’s connected to Nicki Minaj, since she recently performed in Tokyo.

      • nicholasstix

        Thanks for the response, and for your efforts on this story.

    • BunnyOle

      This article says another name, not Larry Perry. It says Richard Hinds. Richard Hinds has also already confessed.

      ALSO, you are wrong. I have seen BOTH NAMES, including Larry Perry though, listed in a variety of articles from separate international sources.

  • 16candles


  • Www Bubbacooks

    is anyone truly “surprised” at WHO the suspecs are?…I’m not. THESE people are truly savages! smdh at this deadly case of “jungle fever”. I wish everyone would stay in their own race and stop having sex outside of thei perspective races. The mere disgusting thought of this egotistical mentally challenged SAVAGE THUG doing it’s ” thing” w/this beautiful young talented and educated young lady is almost unbearable to even think about! ughhh!! The laws of miscegenation really needs to be re instated…soon…this interacial crap is OUT OF CONTROL…sooooo nasty.

  • The Butcher

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  • Bummer Obama

    coalburner got what she deserved.

  • Tawna33

    she probably did something to make them mad i bet she aint all that innocent when will our black men learn not to go with these white girls nothing but troubles

  • Spartan88

    Poor brainwashed white girl probably grew up believing that color has nothing to do with crime.

    Tawna 33, yeah, she probably did something to anger these savage beasts, like not put out.

    • Tawna33

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      • Spartan88

        It took me ten minutes to try and comprehend what you wrote, Tawna. Anyway, rest assured that these two savages are going to get what they deserve. See, the Japanese, unlike other groups, aren’t politically correct and they’re well aware of the destructive nature of ghetto trash. Hopefully they’ll put them at the end of a rope. This is a prime example of “you can take the boy out of the ghetto, but can’t take the ghetto out of the boy”

        • Tawna33

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          • BedStuyya

            Tawna33…really!?.  White girls ARE trouble…as in they choke people to death?  No…wait she’s guilty of trusting date-rape-carrying James “guilty” Blackston who harasses Japanese people on their own subway system.  He’s an embarrassment with that American passport.

          • Joe

            For the record.  I’m not with racist Spartan88.

          • BunnyOle

            yes we can tell by how you BLAMED the DEAD WOMAN. YES she probably angered him by refusing to suck him off or allow him to give her aids immediately upon walking in the door. HOWEVER, the girl had a friend with her and that friend has a memory blackout, so the police are certain date rape drugs were involved, and they would not be arresting these pigs if they didn’t have evidence.

            what kind of a GIMP believes that women who are raped or murdered ‘DID SOMETHING TO ANGER’ their attacker.

            I WONDER do you think that 85 year old white lady who was just recently raped and beaten to death by a 20something black male ‘did something to anger him’?? I wonder how her 90 year old husband felt as he watched his wife of 65 years raped right in front of him, as he lay helpless, beaten into a pulp? I wonder why you are so stupid?

  • Ashomeara

    That girl is my friends cousin and she was drugged after he feed her alcohol so all i can say lock him up and threw away the key

    • Sleep

      u so damn dumb 
      wtf they look like drugging a girl ???
      this white girl was on that shit much before she even met them. they don’t even do drugs in the first place!!! 
      Well not the shit she was on!!!  white ppl always trying to blame the blacks 

      • BunnyOle


        PEOPLE DON’T TAKE DATE RAPE DRUGS ‘TO PARTY ON’ you ignorant sow. NOBODY said the men TAKE RAPE DRUGS. NOBODY SAID THAT. You don’t have to be a druggie in order to DRUG WOMEN with GHB!! Why are you so stupid?

  • Sowhat

    Hope this guy spends the rest of his pitiful life in jail,gangraped every day.scumbag

    • Tawna33

       you dont know he did you need to wate for all the evadence to come out firstly

      • BunnyOle

        for god’s SAKE – what are you RETARDED? It says you are a parent !! YOU CAN’T EVEN SPELL SIMPLE WORDS OR STRING TOGETHER ONE SENTENCE?

        you dont know he did? YOU DONT KNOW HE DID?? NO WONDER AMERICA IS A PIECE OF SHIT !

        You don’t know what he did, you need to WAIT for all the EVIDENCE to come out. (drop the firstly, there is no SECONDLY)

        ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC. You know American Schools lowered their standards so people like YOU (black) could pass and you still can’t do it. I say raise all the standards again and let people fail or go to rudimentary schooling.

  • Picasso

    Girls can do very stupid things sometimes and I understand the authorities are looking into whether the girls were deliberately incapacitated by alcohol or drugs – but regardless of why the girls went back to the hotel and to the guys rooms, whether the sex was consentual or not, one of the girls ended up dead on a hotel room floor.

    One really has to wonder what was going on in their heads when they hooked up with these two low-lifes.

  • entrepeneur

    Japan this is what will happen as you continue to court the most sub-human species on this earth to come work and live in your country.  Nigles kill white woman all over this world.  Nigels bringing murder to a city near you!  

    • Blolabunny3

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      • entrepeneur

        Not only would I not be considered dumb, I am extremely intelligent and your response to my comment proves my point.  You should be wiped off this earth but I’ll let your people self annihilate themselves.

      • BunnyOle

        Why should that person be ‘WIPED OFF THIS EARTH”?? Does he rape and murder young helpless women too? NO?? Just said something you don’t like and you happen to be a violent black? OKAY then.

  • entrepeneur

    Do us proud Japan and make these shit stains disappear.

  • Superspecialawesome22

    King Tight would NEVER and i mean NEVERRR do such a thing smh its a set up.

    • BunnyOle

      yeah, glad you’re such a mind reader. Thats funny because EVERY SINGLE TIME a black guy is arrested for murder or horrible rape, there’s always a million black people to say OH he a good boy – or HE never do that. WHAT b.s.

      You don’t know what happens to the mind of people on the road every day with access to everything, and ego blown to their heads, do you?

    • PONeill

      Well you’d better call your congressman because a serious injustice was carried out in Tokyo. Just don;t mention the rape and murder bit.

  • sarah stein

    They rolled the dice and lost, move on. 

    • BunnyOle

      shut up jewbag

  • sarah stein

     My guess is she was a freak who was into erotic asphyxiation, and it went wrong. They should cut these boys loose.

    • Almo

      What a stupid, ignorant thing to say…Im guessing you’re an American child?

      • BunnyOle

        NO she’s an american JEW

  • Petetong

    Very sad. But thats what you get for going back to a total strangers hotel room. I think women these days want to be like men, especially in Ireland. They think “If men do it, Ill do it too” But there is a massive difference between a man doing this and a woman doing this. A man can defend himself. Maybe we should start teaching kids in Ireland that there is a difference between men and women and that we need to respect that difference. We need to applaud and honour the differences between the sexes instead of going down this very American PC road that we are all the same. Not to mind that this guy is performer and beds a different girl every single night…she probably thought she was some kind of exception though…

    • BunnyOle

      stop BLAMING THE VICTIM !!! For all you know, she was drugged in the bar and led upstairs after she became totally wasted. IT HAPPENS all the time. Then they just tell people the girl is ‘drunk’ and people laugh, and he is taking her to be raped.

      That’s what happened to that little girl down in Aruba a few years ago. Natalie Holloway. She was a 4.0 GPA student who was going to Medical school, her mother and friends also claim she was a virgin. When she was basically being dragged into a car by 3 men, her friends tried to stop them and got punched out. They knew it wasn’t right.

  • Galapagos

    I have to say though. He looks like an absolute moron in the picture! With the childlike backwards hat and the ridiculous chain. Makes me sad that any young woman would find that attractive! I am never having kids! If my daughter brought that home from college I would seriously jump off a bridge!

    • Sleep

      better go jump then 
      cause there’s nothing wrong with that dude. 
      I know him as a friend so 
      u ppl are so childish !

      • BunnyOle

        ”childish” ?? Your friend is a filthy rapist, and you are probably some stupid sow that wants to be his ‘baby’s mama’

      • PONeill

        He’s your rapist friend now.
        Lock up your daughters when King Tight is around.

  • DNA Kings

    I know him he ant do that to her she was on some drungs this is my bro we don’t get down like like that They got to do more for Him @wattsboyyunA

    • Aricaltupeae

      Wow! I can barely understand what you wrote there! Last I checked there were no ‘drungs’ available that rape you and then strangle you to death upon consumption. If your ‘Bro’ is as gifted in the art of communication as yourself I think he’s going to have pretty hard time getting along in a Japanese courthouse! I hope they roast the monster alive!

  • Boxila

    This is Ghetto music from the ghettos of America…hence the people that perform it are from the Ghettos, meaning they are probably not very educated and have had hard lives etc. I mean women listen to this misogynistic shite constantly and then they are surprised when the people involved in it turn out to by misogynists. All they do is sing about bitches and hos and forcing themselves on women! That Kanye West tune that Minaj sings on…hes says something about shoving his cock down a womans oesophagus for christ sake! How are people that surprised that something like this could happen in the ‘hip hop’ community!

    • BunnyOle

      HAHAAA AGREED and totally accurate.

  • Sleep

    u know what? you dumb as ppl on here talking shit. Y’all dont know this dude! what he was doing on the damn train was dancing, called Krump. Its clearly her has on headphone -_-?
    So you you dumb as ppl to talk shit all y’all going to hell!!! 
    You guys can say so much about a person you don’t know at all. saying her a African and shit. WTF This dude Live in Los Angeles. I dance with him and know he means no harm to ppl. 
    I also know he didn’t kill no damn white girl! for what reason he had to do that? he wasn’t even with that girl –_–? you guys just need someone to blame for a white girl that died off a x pill or something. y’all honestly have no life at all. All I have to say!

    • Pleasure

      White people kill more then anyone they rape more then anyone that’s just facts who killing lil kids at schools and shooting up movie theaters definitely not blacks who are raping young children whites!!!!

      • Pleasure

        White people like to blame blacks for this and that lol when it’s white Americans who are the most hated in the world lol I was in the military I know other countries can’t stand white Americans but they love blacks why do you think they kidnap and torture whites all across the world but they never kidnap blacks just stating facts

        • Pleasure

          Just like white people like to blame Obama for this and that the country was way worst when bushy was president lol Obama stopped 4 wars killed bin laden when bush acted liked they couldn’t find him since I’m out the military I can tell the truth they always knew where he was bush just wanted that oil but that’s just whites they are mad because minority’s are surpassing them lol just stating facts

        • John Maguire

          because scumbags will hide behind any colour.

  • demps1950

    They are Japans problem now, to bad no death penalty there Erin Go Braugh!!

  • Stacey

    “Not to blame the victim, but going off to the room of a perfect stranger isn’t smart, no matter which country you are in.”

    She was wheeled, unconscious, in a wheelchair. This was caught on tape (CCTV security camera footage). So your “not to blame the victim…” comment is not valid.