NJ Gov. Chris Christie: Obama “Most Ill-Prepared Person to Assume Presidency in My Lifetime”

QUOTE OF THE DAY:  President Obama “ is the most ill-prepared person to assume the presidency in my lifetime.”

— NJ Gov. Chris Christie, speaking to Kentucky Republicans, added Obama is “posing and preening” instead of working to resolve pressing issues facing the country and is “a guy who literally is walking around in a dark room trying to find the light switch of leadership.”

Damn, he just lit into Obama but is Mitt Romney a viable alternative? Not to take Obama’s side, but Washington in general is terribly broken. I agree Obama wants to be everyone’s friend and that can’t be. He needs to get some cojones and be tough, not spineless.

  • [quote]
    He needs to get some cojones and be tough, not spineless.

    Cajones entails a FIGHT.
    WHO do you suggest he FIGHT AGAINST, Janet?

    The one thing that Mitt Romney will NEVER do, Janet – is to get more than 10% of Black people to INVEST their hopes that the successful election of Romney will mean material benefit to their lives.

    When Mitt Romney’s deliverable falls short of their dreams – Mitt Romney should not worry – any who DID invest in him will demand a Return On Investment. 

  • Pelmo

    One thing I have to say about Chris Christie is that he has a set on him and is not afraid to say what is on his mind. It doesn’t matter if you agree or disagree with his philosophy, it’s just refreshing to see apolitician that is not afraid of what the polls will say after expressing an opinion.