UPDATED: Usain Bolt Compared to Tiger Woods After Jamaicans Condemn Interracial Relationship with Lubica Slovak

NEWSFLASH:  (08/09/12) Lightening strikes the Olympics twice as Usain Bolt makes history by winning 200m men’s final, Yohan Blake second and Warren Weir third, as Jamaica sweeps 200m race.

Newsflash (08/05/12):  Usain Bolt defends Olympic title, wins 100m race at London Olympics, Yohan Blake second, Justin Gatlin third and Tyson Gay fourth.

Usain Bolt Compared to Tiger Woods After Jamaicans Condemn Interracial Relationship with Lubica Slovak

The Jamaica Observer is just plain wrong for targeting Usain Bolt and his white girlfriend Lubica Slovak in an April 27th article, knowing full well the ignorant will leave comments in droves on sites linking to the story, voicing their displeasure at an interracial relationship. Lost on many is the fact that interracial relationships are nothing new in Jamaica. Many people of Asian descent intermarry with Jamaicans of African descent, for example. So, what’s the problem? Usain Bolt and Lubica Slovak, a fashion designer, have been dating for six months.

One online posting said: ‘Really now Usain! Some successful black men obviously suffer from a white woman complex. You too?’, while another complained: ‘Another one of our men snatched.’ 

Further protests included: ‘Out of all the girls on this island you pick a snowbunny’, and: ‘These superstars will always disappoint if we depend on them to raise our racial identity.’

The sprinter nicknamed Lightning Bolt is known for his mid-race celebrations and post- victory bow-and-arrow pose.  Source: Daily Mail

Usain Bolt Accused of Dissing Jamaican Girls for White Woman Lubica Slovak

Singer Jill Scott wrote an article in Essence magazine some time ago expressing her displeasure with interracial dating, saying it causes “a bite, no matter the ointment, that has yet to stop burning,” though she added that wasn’t trying to hurt anyone with her thoughts. Well, on a personal note, I have dated outside my race and it wasn’t about dissing my race. It was about a connection with someone I really cared about and shared many interests.

Usain Bolt Compared to Tiger Woods Over Interracial Relationship with Lubica Slovak (Clovis)

If Lubica Slovak is the calming influence Usain Bolt needs in his life, then so be it. I don’t care what her race is. Quite frankly, I was saddened to see a partying Usain Bolt in a TMZ spring break photograph chugging down alcohol with scantily clad women around him. That’s not the role model young Jamaican men need. Calling him the Jamaican Tiger Woods is laughable, at best. Lost on the naysayers is the fact that the Jamaican motto, “Out of May, One People” drives home the fact that the color of one’s skin doesn’t matter. It’s the oneness all create.

UPDATE#1 (05/09/12): Usain Bolt and his white girlfriend, Lubica Slovak, have called it quits. The Jamaica Star is reporting that the two have called it quits. Um, public pressure caused Usain Bolt to bolt? Interesting. No, he reportedly decided to remain celibate with an eye on Olympics 2012 in London. His agent confirmed the split to the Daily Mail.

  • mdottwo

    I must say, my heart sank when I saw the kissing photo. I am not Jamaican, but I am African American and have been so very proud of Usain. I have been particularly impressed by the unwavering support Jamaican women have given him whenever I have seen him compete, no matter where he is on the globe.

    Because Jamaica is a majority black nation/culture it is unique, compared to the minority status assigned to those of us who reside in the U.S.. National identity and cultural pride are critical to a cohesive people. In Jamaica’s case, color comes with the identity. Just as we expect to see a white person if they are Polish, Irish, or Swiss. Usain Bolt is a black national who has brought a tremendous boost to Jamaica’s international profile, and I am sure, to the morale and pride Jamaicans have felt since his assent onto the world sports scene. He has become a national emblem – an icon with incredible public relations power.

    Romance, courtship and marriage is not only a family issue, it is also a cultural and national issue. Note the world stopping in observance of Prince William and Catherine Middleton’s royal wedding. There were traditional, cultural, and familial expectations that the Prince was expected to meet in order that the marriage be acceptable on many levels.

    Traditionally royalty don’t to marry commoners, but contemporary exceptions have been allowed. Culturally, the British subjects are given the opportunity to show their approval of the royal marriage; as we saw with the throngs of well-wishers who rushed the palace. The royal family expected that the Prince would choose a beautiful, fertile young woman who would give him heirs to the throne. The social contract is, that the Prince is expected to produce heirs who are of the same race, class and religion. These expectations ensure the continuation of their existing blood lineage, and validates the British social and cultural way of life.

    Jamaicans who expect Usain to court and marry a Jamaican woman, have similar expectations as those peoples of other cultures. Usain’s marriage is a Jamaican cultural issue. He is expected to validate the people he comes from by keeping his wealth among them.(When a black man marries a white woman, his wealth goes to her and her family, not back into his indigenous culture.) He is expected to exemplify the nation he belongs to by promoting the beauty of Jamaican women, like men of other nations. And it is also hoped that he will produce children who will be superior athletes, like him to carry on his legend. This cannot happen if he marries a non-Jamaican woman of another race, who has a different genetic background.

    Those whites who are calling Jamaicans “racist” for expecting Usain to carry on national/cultural traditions, they are refusing to recognize Jamaicans as a national and cultural people with traditions, and female expectations of male behavior that ensures economic, cultural, and national stability. Where men plant their seed, spend their energy and wealth is where stability and prosperity will grow. Jamaicans are hoping that Usain Bolt will give back to his nation, that which they have given him – pride in his Jamaican ancestry, glory in the beautiful color of his people, and allegiance to building the future wealth of his nation.

    • First, let me thank you for your comments. I welcome the dialogue. I was born in Jamaica and migrated to the U.S. with my parents eons ago. Jamaica is predominantly black, but there are many whites, Asians and people of Middle Eastern descent who call the island home. On that basis, an interracial relationship isn’t a new phenomenon. It happens fairly often. To her credit, Lubica Slovak, Usain Bolt’s girlfriend, lives in Jamaica. She doesn’t live overseas. So, he isn’t dating someone who lives elsewhere. Usain Bolt’s private life is none of our business. I would much rather see him settle down with one woman, no matter what her ethnic background is, than run around as a party animal. That sends the wrong message to young Jamaicans who look up to him.

      My family is ethnically diverse and we are an embodiment of the Jamaican motto — “Out of Many, One People.” That’s how I have always approached my life. Diversity is good. That shows in the Jamaican history. For example, former Prime Minister Michael Manley, who was white from a British family, married a black woman, Beverly Manley. Another former prime minister, Edward Seaga, who is of Middle Eastern descent, married a former Miss Jamaica, who was biracial. Bob Marley is also the product of an interracial relationship — his father white and his mother Cedella Booker, black. I could go on and on. So, from a national point of view, interracial relationships are nothing new for Jamaica and shouldn’t change how Usain Bolt is perceived as a Jamaican icon. It’s just a distraction and the Jamaica Observer was wrong for putting it out there as though it was a cultural faux pas. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    • Edens Sahara

      Absolutely outstanding. I applaud you.

  • Sybil

    Maybe I missed something but I went to the Jamaica Observer and I saw 2 comments on the story and both seem to be men commenting.So where is the story.

    • Sybil — The Jamaica Observer started this and it’s all over the place with many negative comments.

  • Shelly_Belly

    I dont understand whats the problem. Having been Born and Raised in Jamaica I would have figured by now that Jamaicans would be used to the whole idea of an interracial relationship. Come On people almost half of the people I know back home are mixed with something, you have White,Chinese,Japanese and all different races  living  in JA. How did Y’all think we got our motto. You know what Usain do you boo boo do you if she makes you happy then Im happy for you. 

    • Shelly Belly — Yeah, I hear you loud and clear, but there are some who just hate the thought of a black man sleeping with the “enemy.” Personally, I could care less who Usain Bolt has a relationship with. If the truth be told, I hope she is a calming influence in his life because he was heading down the wrong track with the partying.

  • Edens Sahara

    The story of Samson is a moral tale of a strong and well-known black man who chose to reject his own women in favour of foreign women.  It was a FOREIGN woman betrayed him to her own people in return for money.  Samson was brought to ruin and shame before her people.  The story is a WARNING that goes unheeded by disobedient black men.

    I am a black woman who is 100% against interracial relationships because I know of our Law forbidding intimacy and marriage with foreigners.  There are many foolish black women who are saying they don’t have a problem with this which is outrageous.  These sistas have failed to look at the bigger picture. Black women are being REJECTED by successful black men.  How can you not have a problem with that?  Do white men seek to have a black woman every time one of them becomes a success?  The very fact that Usain Bolt – the fastest man in the world… has chosen a foreign woman over a black woman is a slap in the face to his own mother.  Usain Bolt was BORN from a BLACK WOMAN… no white woman gave him those unique genes that have brought him fame and fortune and yet he has chosen to overlook black women who are from the same nation as his mother, to take up a foreign woman who has done NOTHING for him.

    Black men AND black women in interracial relationships always end up losing and that is a fact.  Usain Bolt will fall the same way Samson fell.  I will have no pity for him. He is a fool.  I wish him every failure at the 2012 Olympics.

    • Sorry, but this is nothing but a load of crap. Who Usain Bolt chooses to sleep with is none of our business. From a historical perspective, interracial relationships are nothing new. In case you haven’t heard, they are on the rise in America and have been fairly common in Jamaica. Please stop twisting the Scriptures to suit you myopic view of the world.

      • Edens Sahara

        Your COMMENT is nothing but a load of CRAP.


        I don’t need to twist the scriptures… the words
        forbidding intimacy and marriage with foreigners are there in black and white –
        try reading them!  Your crap comment is no
        surprise to me, I’ve debated with people like you before and it’s always the angry,
        bitter, resentful and groundless comments that spew from their mouths.


        People who are FOR interracial relationships
        are not going to accept a Law that FORBIDS interracial relationships because it
        conflicts with their lustful desires… so what they will do instead is pour
        out their fury on the person who highlighted the Law in order to discredit them,
        in the hopes that they will also discredit the Law.  You have failed on both counts.  I know what is RIGHT and because of that, I
        know that I can NEVER be proved WRONG.  All that is left for you to do is to be honest
        with yourself… you’re not angry at me, you’re angry at the Law because you know
        it cannot be changed.

        • Again, a load of crap.

          • Edens Sahara

            LOL ~ That’s all you got huh?  Once again, that’s no surprise.

        • Tricia :

           Oh dear…

    • Thasar

      Sorry, but i agree with HinterlandG, it’s a load of crap what you just wrote.
      And by the way, saying that something is right doesn’t make it right. Reminds me 5-6 years kids trying to impose their point of view.

  • Wrecklace8

    If ignorance is bliss, then you all must be among the happiest people in the world. Edens Sahara, where did you get it from that Samson was a black man? Where in the bible did it say ‘and lo he natty dread Samson saw that fine fine vanilla white ass and saith he onto himself, I have got to get me some of that’? Was Jesus black too? Does it matter who was black in the bible? Did we all not come from Adam?

    Isn’t our history full of interracial relationships? Did massa busha not enjoy the warm embrace of Missy the house slave on many a cold night when Mrs. Busha was unwilling? Did they not bring forth mulatto children? Are the descendants of those same mulatto children not running around?

    And speaking of culture. Christianity was brought to Jamaica by the English. We don’t practice tribal religiouns of our ancesters. Curious, isn’t it?

    The world is small. Cultures will mix. People will mix. And for the most part, people can’t help who they fall in love with. Unless of course you have your head stuck so far up your ass that you can’t see that colour is an illusion and we all bleed red.

    Until a the colour of a man’s (or woman’s) skin is no more important than the colour of his (or her) eyes and all that…

    • Edens Sahara

      I’m LOL at your utter stupidity.

    • People will twist the Scriptures to suit their views and ignore the truth. Who Usain Bolt chooses to have a relationship with is really no-one’s business. Interracial relationships are nothing new in Jamaica and dare I say, the world. Edens Sahara is oblivious to history.

  • steel77

    LOLing @ Edens. BBW, bitter black woman. Do yourself a favor and stop watching the Tyler Perry movies, forgive your many ex-boyfriends that cheated on you, and try to be happy for happy people. It will change your life, or whats left of it.

  • 16candles

    When successful white men start leaving white women in droves for Chinese women, let us see if everyone is so comfortable with interracial marriage.  China is on the rise and we all know whites are the minority in the world   When the shoe is on the other foot, let us see.d
    And Jamaica, contravenes its own motto.  Jamaica is the most color struck of the entire English-speaking Caribbean.  People are not against interracial marriage per se, it is when being half-caste is sought after and the self-hatred for being black is not acknowledged.
    Why is it always the black man who feels that the requisite for success is a white wife.  The Indian, Asian, Muslim, White, Latin, Eskimo, Native American does not feel the same way.
    Just a little honesty.
    And yes, I am talking about marriage and he is (was) only dating this woman.