WTF: TX Railroad Commissioner Candidate Roland Sledge Campaign Ad Shows Man Peeing on Electric Fence

WTF:  Roland Sledge, who is running for Texas Railroad Commissioner, released campaign video saying,  “Isn’t it about time we elected political leaders that have sense enough not to pee on electric fences.” This is further proof that any idiot can run for elected office in this country. I guess after George W. Bush and Gov. Rick Perry, I can only say some crazy stuff comes out of Texas.

  • Janet:

    Just to give you some insight on what I got out of the video when I first saw it (assuming that you care in the first place)

    I saw the man note the $16 Trillion US debt in the context of frivolous spending and corruption (he used the Illinois governor’s corruption as his reference).

    You appeared happy hitting against Bush and Perry.
    I wonder why you didn’t see fit to mention the US Debt?

    They say women focus on political personalities and vote for people who are convincing.    It seems that you are “convinced” that not only is Obama’s governance over $1.2T of annual deficits are a problem but you are convinced that had the GOP occupied the White House for the last 4 years and the House/Senate for 2 of the last 4 years ……..nothing would be different.

    My challenge to you is to detail WHEN you will say “Nothing is different under Democrats”……………..EXCEPT their loyalists don’t indict them as they do Republicans. 

    • Constructive Feedback — Bush helped to run up the US debt. He’s the last person with any credibility on the matter. Nice try though. As I said, it is pretty tacky to release a campaign video with someone peeing.