BREAKING NEWS: Judge Revokes Bond for Trayvon Martin Shooter George Zimmerman

BREAKING NEWS:  Judge Kenneth Lester revokes bond for Trayvon Martin shooter George Zimmerman, after state files motion on Friday just before a hearing in Sanford discussing the release of more evidence in the case against the neighborhood watch captain. George Zimmerman must report to Seminole County jail by Sunday at 2:30 p.m.

Prosecutors say Zimmerman misled the court on his finances during a bail hearing that allowed his release on $150,000 bond. Zimmerman’s attorney said several days later that he had discovered his client had raised more than $200,000 from a website. That money wasn’t disclosed at the bond hearing.

Judge Kenneth Lester heard the argument at the evidence hearing because he said the matter was “very serious.”

State prosecutors said on Friday Zimmerman’s wife, Shelley, knew about the PayPal money from his website and lied at the bond hearing when she said she didn’t know of it. State prosecutors said Zimmerman also had another passport he didn’t disclose to the court. Source

Anyone with any commonsense know you don’t lie under oath because the consequences can be quite severe. How do you forget to tell the court you have two passports?

  • Minsk

    Something I have not seen discussed anywhere:  Zimmerman is claiming he defended himself and is protected under the Stand Your Ground law.  What about Trayvon?  George Zimmerman came after him.  If Trayvon fought off Zimmerman because he felt threatened, was is that not OK, does the same law not extend to him?  Why isn’t step one: Trayvon Miller was protecting himself, instead of George Zimmerman was protecting himself?  I don’t understand why the Stand Your Ground Law isn’t first afforded to Trayvon?  Any ideas?