Tiffany Rent, Who is Eight Months Pregnant, Tasered by Police After Parking in Handicap Spot, Confrontation Escalated

Tiffany Rent, Who is Eight Months Pregnant, Tasered by Police After Parking in Handicap Spot and Confrontation Escalated

RIDICULOUS:  Tiffany Rent, 30, who happens to be eight months pregnant, was tasered by a Chicago police Tuesday after her boyfriend, Joseph Hobbs,  parked in the handicap spot outside a Walgreens drug store. This didn’t have to escalate and get this ugly if her boyfriend was decent enough not to park in a handicap spot because neither he nor she is a handicapped person.

The situation escalated after, Rent tore up the ticket the officer handed her and attempted to drive off. The officer, who warned her not to leave the scene, then grabbed his stun gun and fired the weapon.

Rent told NBC Chicago that she remained in the SUV while her fiancée went in, and got out to re-seat her three-year-old daughter. A police officer attempted to issue Rent a ticket for parking in the handicap space when Rent tried to get back in the vehicle.

‘He gave me the ticket and I threw the ticket on the ground,’ she told NBC Chicago in a phone interview. She then proceeded to get back in her car.

The officer told her that he was arresting her and wrote a ticket for littering, the Tribune reported. When asked for identification, Rent responded ‘I ain’t giving you (exploitive),’ according to the police report.

The report went on to say that the officer threatened to use his stun gun on her if she attempted to drive away. Rent put her hand on the gear shifter, and that’s when the officer fired.

According to the police document, Rent’s fiancé was injured as he tried to intervene and suffered a dislocated elbow.  It is unclear whether the officer knew Rent is eight months pregnant. Source

First of all, Tiffany Rent was clearly in the wrong for arguing with the police officer over the parking space. Um, she’s wasn’t handicap. Secondly, she was clearly combative and she even admitted that when she spoke with NBC. I am only sorry the officer tasered her because she is pregnant, but he wasn’t wrong to use force because she was clearly acting ghetto.  I don’t know why some people have so little respect for our police officers and for authority. At no time did I hear Tiffany Rent take responsibility for her actions that could have placed her unborn son in jeopardy.

Clearly Tiffany Rent was in the wrong and this didn’t have to escalate, but her smart mouth and her big ego pushed it to the max. Here’s the moral of the story, if you aren’t handicapped, then you shouldn’t park your vehicle in a handicap spot. I pray that the baby is okay because he  doesn’t deserve the drama his mother just caused. To think she behaved in such an uncouth manner in front of her two young kids. The matter is under investigation by the Independent Police Review Authority .

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    The policeman had a copy of the ticket and all he had to do was submit it as if the recipient had not discarded it. His subsequent actions were unnecessary, and an abuse of not only his police powers but an actual assault on a woman at near term pregnancy. His reaction was due to his ego and he is not deserving of the badge and proves that police have usurped more power than what is acceptable in a democracy.