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EX-CNN Host TJ Holmes: ‘Driving While Black Ain’t No Joke’ After Being Pulled Over by Atlanta Cops

TJ Holmes Driving While Black Ain't No Joke

EX-CNN Host TJ Holmes: ‘Driving While Black Ain’t No Joke’ After Being Pulled Over by Atlanta Cops

#showmeyourpapers: Former CNN host TJ Holmes caused an uproar on Twitter when he tweeted that he was stopped by Atlanta police for no reason — driving while black. I understand how pissed off one would get about being pulled over for no reason. But you can’t always use race as the reason for your outrage at the police. Looking through the mirror on Holmes car, it appears one of the officers is a black woman. So, the whole race angle may be a moot point. I also found it amazing that Holmes refused to tell Dr. Michael Eric Dyson what kind of car he was driving, during his appearance on the “Ed Schultz Show” on MSNBC. He said he would discuss that at a later date.

Holmes also said the police officer asked him for proof of insurance and the bill of sale for the vehicle. That latter is interesting, pointing to a luxury car. But even so, does that mean it was stolen? Once the police run the tag number on the vehicle, they can determine if there is an active insurance policy on the vehicle. That’s the law in Georgia. They don’t need to see your policy to know if you have insurance on the vehicle or not. So the officer asking Holmes that question was ridiculous. In reality, it doesn’t matter what kind of car one drives, but I find it a little interesting that he wouldn’t disclose that.

On a personal note, I have lived in metro Atlanta for more than 12 years and I have never been pulled over by the police for ‘no reason.’ I have been pulled over twice for speeding. Both times the officers were white and were nothing but courteous to me.That doesn’t mean racial profiling doesn’t occur, but I have never had that experience.