GOP Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney Has a Long and Troubled History With the NAACP

Mitt Romney, former governor of Massachusetts,...
GOP Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney Has a Long and Troubled History With the NAACP (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Don’t expect Mitt Romney to come bearing gifts to the black community when he speaks to the NAACP at their 103rd convention on Wednesday. You see, he has had a long and troubled history with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAAC), though I will give him credit for giving a speech to the mostly pro-Obama crowd. Mother Jones has an interesting article about Romney’s troubled history with the NAACP during his tenure as Massachusetts governor. Of course, like his offshore accounts and failure to release more than one full tax return, Mitt Romney will feign ignorance about the problems he has had with the NAACP — “um, it wasn’t me.”

Mother Jones:  Former head of the Boston NAACP, Leonard Alkins as saying  “There was no relationship between the NAACP in Boston and Governor Mitt Romney and his administration. The only time that the NAACP had any interaction with the administration and the governor was to protest when he eliminated the affirmative action office.”

In one of his early acts as governor, Romney dumped the state’s office of affirmative action and replaced it with the office of diversity and equal opportunity. In doing so, he invalidated half a dozen executive orders establishing affirmative action policies for women, minorities, veterans, and people with disabilities; diversity training programs; and equal opportunity standards for state contractors. Romney’s executive orderreplaced all of this with what was essentially a broad—and, Alkins says, “toothless”—commitment to “diversity.”

Romney didn’t inform civil rights groups about his plans before scrapping the affirmative action office, and the reaction from activists was harsh. The Massachusetts Black Caucus accused Romney of attempting to “virtually dismantle affirmative action in Massachusetts state government.”

It will be interesting to see if Mitt Romney can get some of the black vote, considering the unemployment rate in the black community inched up to 14.4% in June. Don’t hold your breath though, he still seems ill-at-ease around us. I can’t wait to hear his speech because his campaign employee’s train-wreck interview with Roland Martin this morning could be a hint of the possible fiasco his speech will be.

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  • [quote]
    Don’t expect Mitt Romney to come bearing gifts to the black community when he speaks to the NAACP at their 103rd convention on Wednesday.


    Please, if you don’t mind, allow me to realign your arguments.

    1) You are using “The Black Community” and “The NAACP” interchangeably.
    2) The NAACP represents a far-left / “Civil Rights Struggle”-blinded faction of the Black community
    3) With 40 million Black people in this nation yet NAACP with a membership of 300,000 and a budget of $27.6M – it is hard to see how they represent anything but a small faction or special interst

    4) You argue that Romney has a TROUBLED HISTORY WITH THE NAACP.
    I make the case that, just as the “NAACP Legislative Report card” ONLY seeks to establish the NAACP’S POSITIONS and then measures where others stand with reference to it – THE MORE PROBLEMATIC ISSUE FOR YOU, Janet, SHOULD BE the fact that with so many issues that you talk about on this blog:

    * Black on Black Murder
    * Schools that fail to educate our children
    * Domestic Violence from Dysfunctional Families
    * Ignorance posing as ENTERTAINMENT………..

    ……….the PROBLEM SHOULD BE that since so few PROGRESSIVES run awry of the NAACP’S STANDARDS despite these problems – WHAT IS PLEASING TO THE NAACP should never be mistaken as WHAT IS IN THE BEST INTERESTS OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY.

    Did the NAACP say anything about the US Invasion of the sovereign nation of Libya or the drone bombings of Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan?

    Did the NAACP say anything about David Samuels testimony before congress about 4 weeks ago? Sameuls runs the “Federal Bureau of Prisons” and was called before a Senate Panel to answer for the charges of TORTURE in the Federal Prison system.

    With the NAACP staking its ground on VOTER SUPPRESSION and getting the Attorney General to focus on that – WITH ALL OF THE MURDER THAT THE BLACK COMMUNITY SUFFERS FROM, Janet, IS IT POSSIBLE that the NAACP is guilty of A GRAND DIVERSION that protects its ESTABLISHMENT POWER at the expense of the BLACK COMMUNITY that complicitly goes along because the COMMUNITY HATES REPUBLICANS MORE THAN THEY LOVE A RETURN ON INVESTMENT, after having fused THEIR VOTE WITH “THE BLACK COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT STRUGGLE:”?