New Mitt Romney Gaffe, Discloses Private Meeting with British MI6 Spy Chief Sir John Sawers

New Mitt Romney Gaffe, Discloses Private Meeting with British MI6 Spy Chief Sir John Sawers (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Another Mitt Romney gaffe:  GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney  disclosed that he had a meeting with the chief of Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service (MI6), Sir John Sawers, an admission largely seen as gaffe in the United Kingdom.

“I can only say that I appreciated the insights and the perspectives of the leaders of the government here and opposition here as well as the head of MI6 as we discussed Syria and hoped for a more peaceful future for that country,” he said outside 10 Downing Street in London. Source

I am pretty sure then-candidate Barack Obama met with Sir John Sawers and we didn’t hear about it, did we? It is customary for meetings between Sir John Sawers and public officials are usually kept a secret. Romney’s campaign wouldn’t acknowledge the meeting. Mitt Romney can’t help himself. SMH. Clearly this guy isn’t ready for prime time, much less the world stage. He’s wobbling his way to Poland and Israel. You don’t brag about meeting with the spy chief from any country. Um, gotta get a Kit Kat bar!

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  • labman57

    – Imply that the POTUS is inherently incapable of relating to anyone with an “anglo-saxon heritage”
    – Diss the London Olympic Committee … just before visiting London
    – Publicly discuss secret meetings with British Intelligence

    Mitt is simply demonstrating his interpretation of “American exceptionalism”.

    When it comes to matters of international relations and diplomacy, Romney is vying for the title of “dumber” to complement GWB’s apt moniker of “dumb”.

    This is what happens when your foreign affairs expertise is limited to knowing the best locations to hide your wealth.

    Romney to foreign policy advisors:
    “Those English folks just don’t get me. Next time, start me off with a nation that is more like America … like Hawaii.”