• john_doer

    It could very well be that he took the amnesty as this would show up on his 2009 tax returns. The amnesty was not touted to the general public, only the financial community knew about it, and they heard it loud and clear. 4,400 names were on the list, and 33,000 people came forward. He would have had no problem releasing his returns to McCain as he thought Swiss banking secrecy was iron clad. The returns that he released to McCain show an out of touch eltist with a keen eye towards tax avoidance. While the average American thinks it is their patriotic duty to pay taxes, Mitt sees it as a game to be played. He has shown this by his “Son of Boss” when he was with Marriott, to declaring his wifes hobby as a business. He wants to increase spending for the military, but he doesn’t want to pay for it with his taxes. He spouts the millionaire, billionaire mantra that they pay to high a tax rate, and yet they often pay less than a middleclass taxpayer. His base does not want the average American to see these tax forms and see how uneven the playing field is.