Gawker Posts 950-Page ‘The Bain Files’ Purportedly Detailing Mitt Romney’s Cayman Islands Holdings

The Bain Files, Gawker's 950 page document drops
Gawker Posts 950-Page ‘The Bain Files’ Purportedly Detailing Mitt Romney’s Cayman Islands Holdings (Photo credit: Weather KY)

The Bain Files courtesy of Gawker proves to be another headache for Mitt Romney and his quest for the presidency. If only being forthcoming was one of his vices, then maybe there wouldn’t be a witch hunt to find out more about his finances and business record. All I know is that somebody at Bain Capital must hate Mitt Romney’s guts in a major way.

Talking Points Memo:  Gawker posted 950 pages of purported internal documents from Bain-related entites, claiming the trove of information includes new details on Bain’s offshore Caribbean holdings that Democrats have cited in attacks against Mitt Romney. The documents, described by Gawker, are “internal audits, financial statements, and private investor letters for 21 cryptically named entities in which Romney had invested—at minimum—more than $10 million as of 2011.”

The Bain Files documents also show that a fund in blind trust in which Romney had invested gave a casino owned by Sheldon Adelson, a major donor to Republicans, $3 million. Sheldon Adelson is more than just a donor to the Romney campaign. Their ties run deeper — millions deeper.

From Gawker: 

Equity Swaps, AIVs, and Mitt Romney’s Other Tax-Dodging Tricks

Mitt Romney’s Endless ‘Retirement’ Package

How Mitt Romney Puts His Money Where Obama’s Mouth Is

Derivatives, Short Sales, and Mitt Romney’s Other Exotic Financial Instruments

Mitt Romney Is the National Enquirer’s Banker

The Bain Files promises to be an interesting read and a treasure trove of material that could prove why Romney is reluctant to release his tax returns. I must also ask voters, particularly black voters, who will best meet your needs? President Obama hasn’t done enough to help reduce the 14.4 percent unemployment rate in the black community, but can you trust someone who has never had a campaign stop in a predominantly black area? This comes as President Obama has a 5.5 lead in Michigan (PollTracker), Mitt Romney’s boyhood home state, thanks to the support of women voters. The Gawker document dump didn’t show any illegalities in Mitt Romney’s affairs, it does raise the issue that the loopholes available to the fabulously wealthy to avoid paying their fair share of taxes is just plain wrong. The IRS needs an overhaul in the worst way.

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