House Republicans Jittery Over Democratic Attacks on Paul Ryan Controversial Medicare and Medicaid Plan

House Republicans jittery over Paul Ryan’s controversial budget plan calling for deep cuts to Medicare and Medicaid, showing Democratic attacks working.


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John Boehner Try to Calm Jittery House Republicans over Democratic Attacks on Paul Ryan Budget Plan  Deep Medicare and Medicaid Cuts(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Politico:  Jolted by concerns over the wave of Medicare-themed Democratic attacks sparked by Paul Ryan’s vice presidential nomination, House Speaker John Boehner held a Tuesday evening conference call aimed at soothing jittery Republican members.

Um, this shows that the Democrats are being successful at defining Mitt Romney and his sidekick Paul Ryan as caring more about the rich at the expense of senior citizens, the middle class and the poor. Sarah Palin should be calling on Mitt Romney to dump Paul Ryan.

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