Indie Pop Artist Lana Del Rey Rewrites History with ‘National Anthem’ and Black Rapper A$AP Rocky Playing JFK

lana del rey new track national anthem about jfk white house
Indie Pop Artist Lana Del Rey Rewrites History with ‘National Anthem’ and Black Rapper A$AP Rocky Playing JFK (Wikipedia)

Blasphemy or art? A little over a month ago, indie singer Lana Del Rey released a music video for “National Anthem” from her second studio album Born to Die. The video presents a revisionist take on the John F. Kennedy years in the White House, until his assassination, told through the eyes of Jacqueline  Kennedy Onassis, IndieWire reports.

The problem may lie in the fact that a black rapper, A$AP Rocky, played JFK.  Del Rey, whose real name is Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, reportedly said this was the most important thing she had ever done. Um, really? JFK played by a rapper? Wow.

  • Joey

    Great title ‘Black Rapper’. God forbid a black man portray a white political figure. How on earth will he meet his cotton picking quota for the week?

    • OHHGEE

      I’m actually quite offended by the overall portrayal of the Kennedy family. So they get a black man to play JFK and they don’t make one single controversial remark at all, and they don’t bring up any interesting points about JFK. He could have been portrayed by a severely obese white woman who’s hair is falling out and it wouldn’t have mattered. All I got out of that aspect was: “look, we got a black man to be JFK and it doesn’t matter… don’t be racist, that’s ignint, dawg (in the voice of South Park’s portrayal of MJ).” So basically, IT MEANT NOTHING AT ALL.

      Lena Del Rey’s portrayal of Jackie O was also quite repulsive. This was an incredibly strong, family oriented woman who would never say “Money is the reason we exist.” Pretty sure she would have said something along the lines of “We are the reason money exists.”

      Yeah this was just a trashy rendition of the Kennedys. Kind of looked like an ad for Urban Outfitters or whatever.

  • Sam

    We need more people like Joey over there in the world. We live in the 21st century, get over it. It’s a beautiful video with an artistic take on important events in United States history. Open You Minds.

    • kae

      I think that our joey here is being sarcastic! I love this song and the video I agree with you why can’t people move on with the present instead of living in the past. If people were more open minded then the America wouldn’t be such a shit hole.

      • Charles


  • Stupid shit.

  • Bob

    That video was well done. Sam and Joey know what they are talking about.

  • ConfusedAmerican

    wait, A$AP ROCKY is black?

  • Interracial

    This was probably one of the best videos Ive seen all year. Quit with the hate.

  • kristen

    pretty ignorant article. not really a fan of hers, but what does “black rapper” have to do with anything? viewers can formulate their own opinions. skin color has nothing to do with anything.. or shouldn’t. but considering the mentality of this site (disgustingly conservative and anti-obama), i am not surprised. go back to the 1800s. we don’t need this type of mentality in today’s society. progress.

    • OHHGEE