Mitt Romney Held Rally at Miami’s Palacio De Los Jugos, Owned By Convicted Cocaine Smuggler Reinaldo Bermudez

Obama Dream Time Cleveland Plain Dealer
Romney Palling Around with Convicted Cocaine Smuggler Reinaldo Bermudez, More on Obama Dream Team (Cartoon Credit: Cleveland Plain Dealer)

Mitt Romney holds rally at business owned by convicted cocaine smuggler Reinaldo Bermudez (LOL):  Mitt Romney held a rally Monday at Palacio de los Jugos, a Miami eatery owned by Reinaldo Bermudez, who served three years in federal prison after pleading guilty in 1999 to one count of conspiracy to distribute cocaine. Um, can you imagine if that was President Obama? You would hear that he’s ‘palling around‘ with criminals.

Bermudez, AKA “El Guajiro,” was a member of 12-person ring that was busted in 1997 for attempting to smuggle more than a ton of yeyo disguised as fish and soap into three South Florida ports. According to Bermudez’s indictment, some of his co-conspirators had nicknames straight out of a Hollywood movie like “Ali Baba,” “Skeletor,” “Buckwheat” and “Stump.”

Bermudez, who was 38 years old when arrested on the coke charge, was part of a conspiracy to smuggle 248 kilos in two containers filled with fish imported from Trinidad through the Port of Palm Beach and the Port of Miami, as well as another 1,045 kilos in a container of soap that was shipped from Venezuela to Port Everglades. Law enforcement authorities learned about the shipments via court-authorized wiretaps of the defendants’ home, office, and cellular telephones, according to the indictment. Source

One problem besides Romney palling around with a convicted drug smuggler, he was forced into a corner by Rick Santorum during a presidential candidate debate, saying that people who commit violent crimes shouldn’t have their voting rights restored. Um, I guess that goes for Reinaldo Bermudez, only he doesn’t get that. I am all for second chances, but Mitt Romney doesn’t seem to be. LOL.