More Paul Ryan Lies? Runners World Can’t Verify He Ran Marathon in Under Three Hours

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)
More Paul Ryan Lies? Runners World Can’t Verify He Ran Marathon in Under Three Hours(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

More Paul Ryan lies? This time Runners World magazine said it can’t verify Mitt Romney’s ‘bold’ vice presidential pick, Paul Ryan’s claim that he ran a marathon in less than three hours.

Scott Douglas wrote  that “Runner’s World  has been unable to find any marathon results by Ryan. Requests for more information from Ryan’s Washington and Wisconsin offices, and from the Romney-Paul campaign, have so far gone unanswered.” Runners World also writes, a sub-three-hour race would make Ryan the fastest marathoner to be on a national ticket.

Silence is an admission of yet another embarrassing lie from Paul Ryan. Clint Eastwood isn’t the only train wreck Mitt Romney could end up with on his hands.

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  • Janet:

    I operate with the assumption that most Black people seek to make use of government and politics as a means of advancing the Black community.

    I find it increasingly difficult to take your posts seriously as you post in a manner that fails to define the terms of the issues WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY and then apply a certain amount of discipline in which REGARDLESS OF WHAT the political campaigns try to distort the public attention toward – YOUR PURPOSE compels you to focus on the priorities.

    Instead I see posts that only a “Fellow Traveler” (like the poster named “The_Man” could appreciate as you merely AFFIRM his existing thoughts but fail to challenge him to PROVE that the next 30 years in “Black America” will be any different than the past 30 as – NO ONE GOT FIRED FOR FAILING BLACK PEOPLE.