Paul Ryan Tough Words for China a Joke, Voted Against Cracking Down on Currency Manipulation in 2010

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Paul Ryan Tough Words for China a Joke, Voted Against Cracking Down on Currency Manipulation in 2010 (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

Another Paul Ryan flip-flop. This time he’s backpedaling on another positions — foreign policy — for which he has NO experience whatsoever. Ryan tried to sound like a foreign policy expert on the campaign trail in Canton, OH, today, when he said President Obama was being treated like a “doormat” by China because he hasn’t acted on his promise to stop them from stealing our “intellectual property rights, block access to their markets and stop them from manipulating their currency. Um, one hitch — Paul Ryan voted, along with 73 other House Republicans, against legislation to crack down on China’s currency manipulation, First Read reports.

Um, Joe Biden isn’t the only person we need to be worried about. Paul Ryan seems to have forgotten that there’s a paper trail for all his positions and comments. He’s turning out just like his boss, Mitt Romney, always changing positions and backpedaling. Mitt Romney talks tough about China and Russia now, but if he wins the election, he’ll be singing another tune. Keep on talking teabags, keep on talking. This is the second flip-flop today. I would love to know how someone who is part of a highly unpopular Congress, that has a 15% approval rating, could be considered as a “bold” vice presidential pick.

The Romney campaign is selling itself as the “truthful team” that has the best interests of the middle class and poor at heart, but shouldn’t they know what Paul Ryan’s voting record over those seven terms is? Sending Paul Ryan to give a speech on foreign policy, specifically about China is like sending the fox to guard the hen house. I would think Mitt Romney would run from any mention of China, since he has been attacked as the “Outsourcer-in-Chief.”
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