Rep. Joe Walsh Accused of Racial Insensitivity by Color of Change for Referring to President Obama as “Son”

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Rep. Joe Walsh Accused of Racial Insensitivity by Color of Change for Referring to President Obama as “Son”  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL) has been accused of using racially insensitive language aimed at denigrating President Obama by referring to his as “son.” At a campaign barbecue in his district Sunday, Walsh talked about what he hopes will be the tea party’s role in the election:

“There’s something different on the ground, and I think it’s going to overtake us all again, think it’s going to overtake the political class. I think it’s going to respectfully pick this president up and pat him on the head and say, son, son, son, Mr. President, you were never ready to be president, now go home and work for somebody and find out how the real world works.” Source

The group Color of Change believes Joe Walsh’s intention was to denigrate the president, accusing him of using racially inflammatory language:

“Once again, Rep. Joe Walsh has decided to stoke racial fears about President Barack Obama in order to leverage support for his own campaign,” Color Of Change Executive Director Rashad Robinson said in a statement. “His comments not only demonstrate the lack of respect for President Obama’s position, but also for the millions of American voters who elected him into office in 2008.” Source

Joe Walsh is no stranger to controversy, having put his foot in his mouth many times, including slamming Iraq war veteran and double amputee Tammy Duckworth as using her service as a campaign tool in her race against him and not being a true hero. This is also the same candidate who was hauled before a judge for not paying child support to his ex-wife for their children.

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  • Janet:

    Do you see what Color Of Change is doing?

    While PRESIDENT OBAMA has EVERY SINGLE VESTIGE OF POWER that the OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT HAS – and has dropped bombs and ordered hits on people in the name of AMERICA – the Color Of Change has a vested interest in making the case that PRESIDENT OBAMA has the normal INFERIORITIES of any Black person and thus is susceptible to WHITE SUPREMACY.

    Color Of Change did not say a DAMNED THING about DRONES fired into Sovereign nations.