#RomneyShambles: Mitt Romney Calling On Obama Campaign to Call Truce, Not Discuss Bain Record and Taxes

Mitt Romney - Caricature
#RomneyShambles:  Mitt Romney Calling On Obama Campaign to Call Truce, Not Discuss Bain Record and Taxes (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

Mitt Romney is like a spoiled brat who can dish it but can’t take it. Now he’s calling a truce and asking President Obama and his campaign not to attack his business record. Um, didn’t he say that his business record uniquely qualifies him for the job? So, if we aren’t looking at his business record, can’t see his archival records from the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, or see his tax returns or get a half-way decent explanation of his offshore accounts, can’t talk about Romneycare, exactly what is there left to debate him on? We certainly can’t go after his stint as governor, since that he was more of a moderate governor than “severely conservative,” so what’s left? The massive document shredding that occurred right before he left the governorship? LMAO. Two black eyes and a kick in the gut and he’s screaming Mommy. This is too funny. I guarantee the Obama campaign is rolling over with laughter at his request. Mitt Romney has the hubris to make such a request.

“Our campaign would be — helped immensely if we had an agreement between both campaigns that we were only going to talk about issues and that attacks based upon — business or family or taxes or things of that nature,” Romney said, according to excerpts of an upcoming interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd released Friday.

Romney said he would prefer the campaigns “only talk about issues,” and claimed that “our ads haven’t gone after the president personally. … We haven’t dredged up the old stuff that people talked about last time around. We haven’t gone after the personal things.”

Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul offered up a broader take on whether Romney was really suggesting that his career at Bain Capital — the crux of his argument that he is better equipped to handle the economy — should be considered off-limits. Source: Talking Points Memo

I can’t wait to hear the response from the Obama campaign. Um, it looks like Harry Reid is winning, on the charge about Romney not paying taxes for 10 years. Wait until we get to the debates. He’ll be peeing on himself behind the podium. The Democratic attacks on his Bain Capital records and taxes have left Mitt Romney battered and bruised and he can’t take the heat in the kitchen. Dang, even Sarah Palin is a lot tougher than this softie and not as arrogant.

Obama campaign “Son of Boss” ad:

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