Bill Clinton Delivers Knock Out at Democratic Convention, Puts Seniors Back in Play Over Romney-Ryan Budget

CHICAGO, IL - OCTOBER 26:  Former U.S. Preside...
Bill Clinton Delivers Knock Out at Democratic Convention, Puts Seniors Back in Play Over Romney-Ryan Budget. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Bubba is back. Only former Bill Clinton could singlehandedly annihilate the Romney-Ryan plan to make big cuts in Medicare and Medicaid, putting the senior vote back in play. Bill Clinton put his finger on the H-bomb — the Paul Ryan budget plan. The Republicans have made a terrible mistake, going after the whmole Medicare thing and not on Obama and the economy. Well, Republican strategist Alex Castellanos said Bill Clinton’s speech may have reelected Barack Obama.

“I would recommend to my friend Paul [Begala] here, tonight when everybody leaves, lock the doors. You don’t have to come back tomorrow. This convention is done,” Castellanos said. “This  will be the moment that probably re-elected Barack Obama. Bill Clinton saved the Democratic Party once, it was going to far left, he came in, the new democrats took it to the center. He did it again tonight.” Source

Bill Clinton masterfully painted a picture of an extreme Republican Party, one willing to throw the middle class and the poor under a bus for the sake of the billionaires. He acknowledged that Congressional Republicans saying: said he never managed to hate Republicans the way the far right hates Obama. All I can say about Bill Clinton’s speech is that “the roof, the roof, the roof is on fire!” Um, that carpetbagging John Sununu talked about today, I think Bill Clinton just did that to Mitt Romney and his sidekick. The most memorable line from Bill Clinton’s speech was a slam on Paul Ryan:  “It takes some brass to attack a guy for doing what you did.”

CLICK HERE  to read Bill Clinton’s speech.

  • Janet:

    If someone were to go back 20 years and tell the voters of Detroit, Newark, Camden and Philadelphia that they were going to need to make massive spending cuts to their budget OR ELSE one day they would suffer from calamitous budget holes that would cause structural damage to their very existence – do you think that they would have accepted this?

    As I watch how Progressives have carried on for the past 2 weeks it is clear that you are “comforted” by words and INDICTMENTS against your enemies. Your agreement with the narrative that you are feed becomes your reality.

    Thus far we have heard “Knock out blows” from Ted Kennedy (from the grave), Mrs Obama, Mayor Booker, Governor Patrick and Former President Clinton.

    Despite all of the good tidings that this has engendered – none of this appears to be able to paper over the PAINFUL TRUTH in the real world.

    No “Republican cuts” will ever come to Social Security and Medicare. Just as NO REPUBLICAN was around when the police departments of Detroit, Newark and Camden got cuts.

    The ECONOMIC TRUTH will yield the chainsaw.