Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu Trying to Sabotage Obama Reelection Bid by Being a Bully

English: Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli politician
Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu Trying to Sabotage Obama Reelection Bid by Being a Bully (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is trying to sabotage Obama’s reelection bid by crying like a baby. He denounced American and British efforts to restrain his country from striking Iran, saying that no-one had a “moral right” to prevent his country from acting against a mortal threat, the Telegraph reports. Last time I checked Bibi Netanyahu wasn’t our president and we don’t answer to him, well maybe Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan do.

If he believes his country has a moral right to defend itself, then, does he want a meeting with President Obama? Why not put his money where his mouth and unilaterally strike Iran, with the understanding that he’s in this by himself. You see, we have no money to fight another war. It’s just that simple. So, yes, I don’t blame President Obama for snubbing his request for a meeting.

Mitt Romney is so busy kissing his ass that he can’t stop and figure out that America cannot afford to fight another war. Netanyahu would love to see no-one else than Mitt Romney become the next president so Romney can become his puppet. Netanyahu seems to be forgetting one huge detail — the U.S. gives his country a shitload of money, so no, we don’t have to become servile to them. It should be the other way around. Thanks to Mitt Romney’s fawning over him, he now thinks he has the ace in his back pocket.

UPDATE#1 (09/11/12):  President Obama spoke with Benjamin Netanyahu by telephone today and affirmed his commitment to Israel and a nuclear-weapon free Iran. Politico reports. He also said the White House was not asked for a meeting with the Israeli prime minister.  I still say Bibi Netanyahu is trying to bully the president on starting another war. 

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