Jamaican Security Guard M.K.J. Held as Suspect in Murders of Michael and Thelma King in St. Maarten

Michael and Thelma King murdered in Saint Maarten
Male Suspect Arrested in Double Murders of South Carolina Couple Michael and Thelma King in Saint Maarten (Photo credit: Facebook)

The suspect in the murders of South Carolina couple Michael and Thelma King in their Ocean Club residence in Cupecoy, St. Maarten, has been identified by initials M.K.J. of Jamaica. The 28 year old male is a security guard employed by Checkmate Security.

M.K.J. was arrested in Cay Bay around 4:00am Sunday. “The suspect heavily resisted arrest, wounding a police officer. The wounded police officer was transported to St. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC),” Mos said. He did not say what kind of injuries the police officer had sustained.

Local police cooperated with the French-side Gendarmerie and the local Coast Guard during the operation leading to the arrest of the suspect. Both of the latter two organisations had their officers on alert for an extensive length of time to prevent the suspect from fleeing. Source

M.K.J. is expected to be arraigned on Tuesday. If he is found guilty, this will undoubtedly, have an impact on other Jamaicans going to work in St. Maarten. It is a travesty and a tragedy of immense proportions. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of Michael and Thelma King.