Mitt Romney’s Black Leadership Council, Co-Chaired by Allen West, Won’t Sway Black Voters

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Mitt Romney’s Black Leadership Council, Co-Chaired by Allen West, Won’t Sway Black Voters (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

The Romney campaign announced its Black Leadership Council, which I considered it’s token offering to the black community, but the leaders of group are a joke — Rep. Allen West, Florida Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll (angered black lesbians over alleged lesbian affair with staffer) and Tim Scott. Please they will bring no black votes to the Romney campaign. He needed more credible black leaders such as former Secretary of State Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice. Here’s a list of the people on the council:

Advisory Council Members

Texas State Representative Stefani Carter

Saratoga Springs Mayor & Utah Congressional Candidate Mia Love

Texas Commissioner of Education and former Texas Railroad Commissioner Michael Williams

Kay Coles James, President and Founder of the Gloucester Institute and former director for the United States Office of Personnel Management

Honorable Artur Davis, former Member of Congress

The Honorable Bill Hardiman, former Michigan state senator

Linda Lee Tarver,  Ethnic Vice Chair of the Michigan Republican Party

Renee Amoore, Deputy Chairwoman of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania

Franklin County Auditor Clarence Mingo (OH)

Ryan L. Frazier, former Colorado Congressional candidate

Leondray Gholston, Romney for President Colorado Grassroots Chairman and Former Colorado Republican State Vice-Chairman

Glenn McCall, South Carolina RNC Committeeman

Ada Fisher, North Carolina RNC Committeewoman

Hall County Commissioner Ashley Bell (GA)

Pastor Ira Combs

Burgess Owens, former NFL player

Stanley Jackson, former Ohio State University Football Captain & Quarterback

Brenda Mack, President of the Ohio Black Republican Association Source:  Romney Campaign

Mitt Romney polled zero votes from the black community and he will continue to poll those numbers until he disassociates himself from right wing extremists who continue to insult and denigrate President Obama with subtle racist digs. That includes people in his own campaign such as John Sununu and himself. Mia Love is the most credible person on that council, but she is virtually unknown in the black community.

In a recent press release, Romney said, “I am proud to have the endorsements of so many leaders in the black community. They know all too well that the economic downturn that has continued to hammer our country has been even more devastating for black Americans. Together, we will work to end that downturn, and we will not rest until all Americans have the jobs they need, the quality education they are owed, and the opportunities they deserve.” Um, really? What exactly does he plan to do for the black community? Neither Mitt Romney nor President Obama have had any campaign stops in predominantly black communities. So, you can’t just give lip service every time an election rolls around.

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