Obama Campaign Releases Brutal New Ad Featuring Mitt Romney’s 47 Percent Insult

On Rafalca! Romney Ryan 2012
Obama Campaign Releases Brutal New Ad Featuring Mitt Romney’s 47 Percent Insult (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

The Obama campaign is out with another brutal ad slamming Mitt Romney for his insult that 47 percent of Americans are freeloaders. The ad doesn’t show Romney’s picture at the closed-door event, but it uses the audio of Romney’s own words, along with pictures of veterans, workers, families with children, and other 47 percenters. The ad will air in seven states. Romney is running his own ad saying he cares for the poor and the middle class, but like his wife’s horse Rafalca, who failed to place at the Olympics, so too will this ad fall on deaf ears.

Here’s an interesting take for FiveThirtyEight and a possible landslide:

Nate Silver:  “Looks to be about a 20 percent chance that Mr. Romney will win, but also about a 20 percent chance that Mr. Obama will actually beat his 2008 margin in the popular vote. The smart money is on an outcome somewhere in the middle – as it has been all year. But if you can conceive of a Romney comeback – and you should account for that possibility – you should also allow for the chance that things could get really out of hand, and that Mr. Obama could win in a borderline landslide.”

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  • pelmo

    Janet wouldn’t it be a breath of fresh air if the campaign as well as Liberal bloggers as yourself ran a few less deragatory Mitt Romney comments and used some of the space to run some of the accomplishments of this administration. After almost 4 years their isn’t to much the President can pound his chest about.
    Janet it will be a closer race then you think. The Obama campaign is worried silly. All the people that voted for him in 08 are not coming out this time. it wasn’t a weather worry that moved his speech indoors. Even tho they were going to bus in people from other states, they knew they couldn’t fill the stadium, even tho tickets were free. The number of Black as well as the college age voter is not coming out.
    One more thing. Why is it when Romney says something, we are supposed to take his statement word for word. When Obama puts his foot in his mouth, a thousand and one bobble heads come out telling us what he really meant to say.

    • Pelmo — I could have very well supported a credible Republican presidential candidate. Not Mitt Romney, who has been all over the place on the issues — Mr. Multiple Choice. Jon Huntsman was the most conservative of the candidates and he just couldn’t garner the support. He would have been a better candidate than Mitt Romney by a landslide.

      • pelmo

        You didn’t address the point I made about his inability to fill a stadium as he did in 08. That is the reason the campaign is worried. They are not turning out in droves. Even a lot of his campaign stops are playing to less then capacity crowds. Yes Huntsman would have been a better choice. But right now after really listening to Romney speeches, he does make a lot of good points on the economy and unemployment.
        janet you have to understand one thing about my viewpoints. I am neither a Democrat or Republican. I have voted for candidates of both parties. I try to look at the candidates from my point of view and ignore comments made by party loyalists. I never voted for Bush, because I could see how incommpetent he was. The same could be said about Obama. His rise and election was all smoke and mirrors and no substance. We now learn that one word “compromise” was missing from his vocabulary. And that word led to his failure as President as the Republicans and Democrats alike, showed him how failing to compromise would cause such grid lock in Washington.

        • Pelmo — Romney couldn’t fill the stadium either. That proves that Obama was vulnerable to be beaten by the right candidate. That person wasn’t Mitt Romney. I don’t consider myself a Democrat nor a Republican but I have voted for both parties on occasion. I was willing to go with a good Republican candidate but certainly not Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum or Mitt Romney. I liked Jon Huntsman and was one of the few people publicly stating that. Romney makes Bush look smart. That comment about the 47 percent is damaging and will ultimately seal his doom. The man cannot connect with middle America no matter how hard he tries to fake it. Picking Paul Ryan was done from a place of weakness and not strength. While I don’t think Obama will win by a landslide, I think he will get reelected and the Republican Party’s brand will be damaged.

          I don’t believe much of anything Romney says because he hasn’t been able to back it up with concrete plans. He talks in circles. His running mate is like a milestone around his neck for his stance on Medicare and Medicaid. Sorry, but I am not thrilled with Romney and I am disappointed with Obama on a number of fronts, but he’s the lesser of two evils, in my opinion. If we lived through George W. Bush for eight years, Obama can’t be any worse.

          • pelmo

            You say you don’t believe anything Romney says. What about the President harping everyday on how he is for the middle class. The middle class has suffered for almost four years. On the other hand the bankers have prospered fantastically. Plus not only has there not been one banker going to jail, not even one investigation started.