Obama Campaign New Video Highlights Reactions to Mitt Romney Insult that 47% of Americans Want Government Handout

I knew the Obama campaign would release an ad highlighting Mitt Romney insult saying 47 percent of Americans are lazy and depend on the government. David Corn from Mother Jones and James Carter IV (former president Jimmy Carter’s grandson) gave the Obama campaign a “heckuva gift.” The closed-door event was held in May 2012, at the home of hedge fund manager Marc Leder, who loves to host sex parties.

“I actually felt sick to my stomach,” one woman says in the video. “I don’t think anybody’s ever looking for a handout. I think that we all want chances and opportunities.” “That isn’t someone who I’m thinking, ‘Oh I want him as my president,” another woman says. Source

Fox News announces Mitt Romney will respond to the leaked video of comments he made at a fundraiser on Neil Cavuto’s  show at 4 p.m. EDT Tuesday. Like Neil Cavuto will ask him the tough questions. I don’t even want to watch that crap.  He dared Mother Jones to release the entire video and they called his bluff. What else is there to say to us? So much for the “kind, gentle and funny” Mitt that Ann Romney tried to pass him off as during the Republican convention.

Watch the Obama campaign’s latest video: