Report: Christopher Stevens Identified as U.S. Ambassador Killed in Benghazi Embassy Attack

Ambassador Christopher Stevens killed in Benghazi embassy attack
Report: Christopher Stevens Identified as U.S. Ambassador Killed in Benghazi Embassy Attack

Reuters is reporting that the U.S. official killed in the Benghazi attack was ambassador Christopher Stevens, who was being driven from the embassy to a safer location when gunmen opened fire on the vehicle. They fired rockets at them killing the ambassador and three staff members. The State Department has not confirmed Christopher Stevens is the decedent, but one has to wonder how this really went down, since U.S. ambassadors in volatile areas around the world are usually well-protected.

U.S. pastor Terry Jones, who had inflamed anger in the Muslim world in 2010 with plans to burn the Koran, said he had promoted “Innocence of Muslims”, which U.S. media said was produced by an Israeli-American property developer; but clips of another film called “Mohammad, Prophet of Muslims”, had been circulating for weeks before the protest.

That film portrayed Mohammad as a fool, a philanderer and a religious fake. In one clip posted on YouTube Mohammad was shown in a sexual act with a woman. Source:  Reuters

Terry Jones is as poisonous as the Muslim extremists. Since the Romney campaign criticized President Obama without getting its facts straight, I hope they will condemn the actions of their supporter Terry Jones. Then again, this is the same campaign that called foreign policy a distraction.

Via Al Ahram English:

Al-Jazeera’s Suleiman Idrissi in Benghazi reported that the ambassador had been paying a short visit to the Eastern city, when the US building came under attack.

Security sources told the pan-Arab news agency that Stevens died of suffocation. The bodies of the dead were transported to the Benghazi international airport, to be flown to Tripoli and then onwards to a major US airbase in Germany, Al Jazeera added…..

Stevens had served as an envoy to Libya’s National Transitional Council during the Libyan uprising last year. The last US ambassador to be killed on duty was Adolph Dubs who died in an exchange of fire during a kidnapping attempt in Afghanistan in 1979.

This is a sad day for America that on the anniversary of 9/11, we lost an ambassador. There is an unconfirmed photo is circulating of what purports to show Libyan protesters carrying the body of the Ambassador.  Well, you know this means war. You are not going to denigrate an American diplomat in such a manner and get away with it.

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