Alex Castellanos on Drudge-Led Revival of 2007 Obama Speech: “Mitt’s Supporters Just Shit On Window of Opportunity”

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Alex Castellanos on Drudge-Led Revival of 2007 Obama Speech: “Mitt’s Supporters Just Shit On Window of Opportunity” (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

Some Republicans are worried that the Matt Drudge-led revival of a 2007 then-presidential candidate Barack Obama’s speech at Hampton University will backfire, as it did in 2008. A number of Republicans have expressed concern that this will only be a distraction for Mitt Romney, on what is an important presidential debate for him, considering he trails Obama nationally in the polls and he is cratering among Hispanics and blacks. The last thing he needs is some resurrection of Jeremiah Wright, which worked against the Republicans in the 2008 presidential election.

This hurts Mitt,” said 2008 Romney consultant Alex Castellanos, who has at times been a harsh critic of his current campaign. “Mitt’s window to turn the economic debate around is [Wednesday.] And his alleged supporters just shit on it. An abysmally selfish and stupid event.”

“I [don’t] think this tape will persuade anyone. A cover up in Libya, a failing economy, and $16 trillion in debt are persuasive,” RedState Editor in Chief Erick Erickson tweeted late Tuesday.

“So, what new information do we have? That Obama’s “I barely knew Rev Wright” was a lie? Sorry, already knew that,” tweeted Florida GOP consultant Rick Wilson.

“Voters have to make that up,” Romney senior adviser Kevin Madden said on CBS This Morning. “They have to look at that video and have to make up their mind on that individually. I think what’s much more important to this debate right now are the president’s policies — the president’s record over the last four years.” Source

Matt Drudge, Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity are the same kind of race hustlers they accuse Al Sharpton of being. This won’t play well with most voters, just those on the fringe of the Republican Party. It is a sad commentary that racial politics are marring the presidential election. The only thing this video proved was that Obama is black.

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