BET Networks to Air “Second Coming: Will Black America Decide the 2012 Election” Oct. 19 & 26

BET Networks get out the vote campaign documentary
BET to Air “Second Coming: Will Black America Decide the 2012 Election” (Photo credit: BET)

BET News is doing something new and interesting.  I applaud them for bringing more political news to their viewers with the “Second Coming?: Will Black America Decide the 2012 Election,” which premiers Friday October 19 and 26th at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

NEW YORK, Oct. 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — BET News has partnered with the Brick City TV producers Marc Levin and Mark Benjamin, (producers of the Peabody Award-winning and twice Emmy nominated series “Brick City“) and Emmy Award-winning and Academy Award nominated filmmaker Sam Pollard (“Slavery By Another Name” and “Four Little Girls”) to produce a two-part news documentary, “SECOND COMING?: WILL BLACK AMERICA DECIDE THE 2012 ELECTION.” 

The documentary follows a diverse constellation of agents of political change and activism through the 2012 election cycle.  Obama surrogate Kerry Washington, Usher, Samuel L. Jackson, Reverend Al Sharpton, Reverend. Jesse Jackson, Eve, Ice Cube, Yolanda Adams, pollster Cornell Belcher, Common, Snoop Dogg, 2 Chainz, A$AP Rocky, The RZA, Salt N Pepa, DMX, Redman, Cam’ron, Bun B, Joyful Drake, Warren G and Brandon & Lorielle Broussard, the young activists behind “Barack The Vote.” Narrated by S. Epatha Merkerson the series will also focus on grassroots activists in battleground states Tarsha Williams, Charles Perry, Pastor Jamal Bryant and others who will take viewers behind the scenes of their effort to mobilize the black community to vote in another historic Presidential election.

“Horse-race coverage of this election is now ubiquitous, almost to the point of distraction for many viewers.  We sought a new way to bring the biggest story of the year – the fate of the first African-American incumbent President – to our audience in an engaging, highly journalistic way,” said Loretha Jones, President of Original Programming and News, BET Networks. “We are excited to be working with Sam Pollard and Brick City TV who have helped us reinvent political coverage for our audience.”

“Brick City wanted to do a series that fuses the personal and the political and that engages the BET audience,” said Marc Levin, Executive Producer, Brick City. “We want the series to leave the audience wanting to be players not just spectators in this historic election,” added Mark Benjamin, Executive Producer, Brick City.

“This groundbreaking series is a must see for the BET audience,” said Executive Producer Sam Pollard. “The series digs deep and hits hard and is a must see for viewers in understanding how they can’t just be bystanders but fully engaged in this historic election.”

  • Kenbet

    Why is this “intriguing” to HG? This is not telling us whether or not Black America will finally negotiate basic legislation to directly and specifically impact us the way Hispanics, Gays, Jews, and so on have managed to do with this president.

    This is not telling us whether or not Black America will FINALLY use their large numbers to make this president commit to removing the clause in the 13th Amendment that allows slavery to take place in the US as “punishment for a crime”:

    “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude [shall exist in the US] EXCEPT AS A PUNISHMENT FOR A CRIME WHEREOF THE PARTY SHALL HAVE BEEN DULY CONVICTED…” – 13th Amendment, US Constitution.

    This is not telling us whether or not Black America will finally make the President commit to returning the land of African-Americans whose entire cities/towns were (and still are) occupied by whites in sundown towns and white riots throughout the US. These lands and businesses are still being illegally occupied and must be returned.

    This is not telling us whether or not Black America will use its influence and numbers to force the president to stop the infiltration of Africa via AFRICOM and to force the removal of AFRICOM, US/European soldiers, multinational companies, and so on from the Congo – where a genocide is taking place and murderers are being armed and paid by US/European companies to wreak havoc on the population and force the removal of the native people, so that their lands can be mined for coltan, diamonds, gold, oil, uranium, tin, and so on.

    All this BET Airing shows me is that Obama thinks we are simpletons who are so enamored with celebrity, that we will allow it to persuade our political decisions, instead of demanding policy that will directly, and SPECIFICALLY target our people, just as Hispanics have, Gays have, and Jews have.

    This is a shameful era for “Black America” and the so-called Black press who has consistently failed to do its job in electrifying and informing our electorate – all for the sake of having a brown face in the White House and his occasional acknowledgement. This is a disgrace to our ancestors, and I refuse to be a part of it. Never again.

    • kenbet

      What this is, is a deliberate attempt by Hollywood (particularly the neo-liberal base) to pressure Blacks in America who recognize Obama’s consistent disinterest in our demographic and any real causes we may have (such as the abolition of slavery in prisons for those convicted of crimes – overwhelmingly Black) to vote for this insult to our legacy and our ancestors – because he is that neoliberal’s candidate.

      An absolute disgrace.

  • pelmo

    Janet just that much more fuel added to the fire of racial hatred. If someone aired a documentary promoting whites to vote for Romney, you would be screaming at how racist that is. Your going along with the call of voting for Obama not for what he has done, just for the color of his skin. and you wonder why there is no racial harmony.

    • APPLE

      While Obama’s performance in the past four years has proven that we would be foolish for voting for a candidate again simply because he’s Kenyan-American or any other sort of Black citizen of the world, no one’s buying this madness that you’re selling – that being supportive of those in one’s racial group is somehow “racist”. Maybe in European/Eurocentric thinking/ideology, yes, this would be. Racism is a European construct and ideology, and you apparently need to look up the word “racism”.

      Also, any Black person on this planet has every right to be “racist” (according to your silly chose of words) toward whites who collectively attempted to exterminate them, SHOULD THEY CHOOSE, JUST AS ANY JEW HAS EVERY RIGHT TO HAVE CONTEMPT FOR THE GERMANS AND OTHER EUROPEANS WHO ATTEMPTED TO EXTERMINATE THEM.

      But every other group in the damn world is supportive of their people, including whites. Now you want to scream bloody murder when Black people do it too. F that. Your argument is for those who are insecure in their thinking.

      Black people should and must be supportive of Black people – that is, those who are serving us and our communities well. However, Obama is not, he is there to serve the white (racial) oligarchy and the economic elite of the US and world. That is it.

      So while he does not deserve our vote – we must be supportive of “our own”, just as Koreans, Chinese, Japanese, Jews, Whites, Germans, and every other group are – that is, WHEN THEY ARE SERVING US WELL. Obama is not. He’s a disgrace and he will never, ever get my vote again.

  • America A wake

    Maybe we should base our vote on the best man for the job, not the color of his skin. White America votedObama in office because we thought he was the MAN for the job
    I voted for him in the last election but he will not get my vote this time, we all got taken in on this CHANGE, CHANGE, CHANGE, campaign well I think we should have read between the lines I can not find anything that
    Obama has done in the last four years to earn him another four years, I think we need another CHANGE!!!
    Economy should be the number one concern on the presidents list we have so many families homeless, jobless, and hungry in this country that it is embarrassing as an American we send billions to other countries when we have so many that need help not a hand out, a job so they can take care of there families. the only CHANGE I’ve seen is a change for the worst. TIME TO WAKE UP!!