Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee Suspended After Affair With Subordinate Exposed As She Posts Picture of Gun in Her Mouth

Angelica Robinson Detroit police chief Ralph Godbee
Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee Suspended After Affair With Subordinate Exposed As She Posts Picture of Gun in Her Mouth (Photo credit: Twitter)

SHAME:  Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee, who is also a pastor, has been suspended as allegations swirl about a sexual relationship with a subordinate, Angelica Robinson, who posted a photo with her service weapon in her mouth on Twitter. Um, Angelica Robinson is a married woman, so why is she cheating on her spouse? Robinson, an internal affairs officer, posted the picture on Twitter after she learned Ralph Godbee was at the International Association of Chiefs of Police with another woman. He reportedly had other officers locate Robinson and put her under surveillance after her photo was seen.

Robinson says that she knows a different side to Detroit’s chief of police,  “That is not the Pastor Godbee that he portrays to be… He is a sex addict. He loves to have sex with all different women,” she told Fox 2. In other words, Angelica Robinson is just as classless as Pastor Ralph Godbee.

Angelica Robinson was seen with her Detroit Police issued 9 millimeter Glock in her mouth in the picture. The gun has since been taken away from her and she will have to undergo an evaluation. It is not clear why Ralph Godbee and his estranged wife Yolanda Godbee are divorcing.

Robinson’s lawyer, David Robinson, told the Associated Press that his client had been trying to end the relationship, which was sexual, but the police chief didn’t want to end it. Why lawyer up already?  Her lawyer also said the relationship was consensual, but Godbee “exceeded his professional status … (and) breached the trust of the department,” the AP reports. Wow, really? I wonder what Angelica Robinson’s husband has to say about this? Godbee’s 30 day suspension, pending the outcome of an investigation is starting out as a slap on the wrist for bad behavior.

UPDATE (10/08/12): Ralph Godbee retired from the force Monday, after an internal affairs investigation found he had sexual relationships with two subordinates. Ralph Godbee’s retirement letter

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