Domestic Violence Murders Increasing Nationwide, Up 25 Percent in Dallas, New York City

October is Domestic Violence Awareness  month and the statistics are jarring.  Domestic violence murders are up 25 percent in New York City, Dallas, as well as in many Florida counties, and other parts of the country. A divorce proceeding or initiating the break-up of a relationship can trigger an increase in intensity of the acts of domestic violence. It is very sobering and disconcerting to learn that one in four women  experience domestic violence in her lifetime.

domestic violence cycle of control
Domestic Violence Murders Increasing Nationwide, Up 25 Percent in Dallas, New York City (Photo credit: NCADV)

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence statistics:

    • One in four women experience domestic violence in her lifetime;
    • An estimated 1.3 million women are victims of physical assault by an intimate partner each year;
    • 85 percent of domestic violence victims are women;
    • African American women are 28% more likely than white women to be victims of domestic violence;
    • In most cases, domestic violence incidents are not reported to the police.

Statistics on Domestic Violence Murders:

  • Violence is the reason stated for one in five divorces.
  • Battered women seek medical attention for domestic violence injuries significantly more often after separation than during cohabitation.
  • About 75% of the visits to emergency rooms by battered women occur after separation.
  • Women who leave their batterers are at 75% greater risk of severe injury or death than those who stay. (Source: National Coalition Against Domestic Violence).

These statistics are alarming, but we cannot lose sight that women are under siege. Not to politicize the matter, but when you have Republicans such as Todd Akin making light of rape, we have a real problem.