Mitt Romney, Abortions & Stericycle

They’re at it again. Its an election year and political candidates awash with hopes of clinching the most coveted title in the world, that of President of the United States and  leader of the free world,  are pontificating and postulating on their various positions on issues relative to the nation’s interest. They soon forget their past histories including stories of  business deals that will catch up with the rhetoric they spew from  campaign stumps across the country.

One such that I learned about recently was of  Mitt Romney  (former governor,Republican presidential candidate) and his many business interests.  As a policy the Republican Party is anti-abortion and in Gov. Romney’s speeches he has indicated he  is  against abortion or depending on where he is or what time of day it is, it becomes unclear what he personally believes. It was recently reported that his  son, Tagg Romney had inserted an abortions clause into the contract he wrote for the surrogate who carried his child . Here’s the thing. Governor Romney’s former company Bain Capital invested in a company named Stericyle whose business is the disposal of human fetuses after abortions. Stericycle is a medical waste disposal firm whose corporate headquarters are  in Lake Forest, IL.

Is this hypocrisy? So you are saying abortion is okay when it s being used as a tool to help members of your family but is wrong for women who have been raped, or molested. Really?

I shudder as I  write about this. The double standards and the lack of support for women’s issues emanating  from his campaign make me wary of any kind of presidential administration he would form. I am uncomfortable with the rhetoric his party puts out concerning  the issues women have worked for and achieved in the last fifty years. I am sure like most women we do not want to revisit an era in which we were viewed as pieces of property without a voice or any power of decision making on issues affecting our lives. I think we are in for a rough ride as this becomes a primary focal issue in the next few weeks leading up to the election.

I am asking very woman to consider the options before you. If your view coincides with Governor Romney and his friends, don’t believe for one minute that your association with them will prevent you  from going to jail if you are found taking birth control!  Believe that they mean what they say. I urge many women who are in positions of leadership in your homes, schools, and work environments to consider the policies that are being espoused by both parties. Review them carefully and make a decision based on what you believe either party would do on your behalf. Include as part of your decision making,consideration for women like me.

I  am an immigrant and therefore unrepresented  in  Governor Romney’s focus. Therefore without the Violence Against Women‘s Act which the Republican party has threatened to veto, myself and many women like me  would not be here today. It’s this act that seeks  to provide protection for victims of human trafficking and child sex pornography who have been  shipped  here  from overseas in containerized vessels like cargo and placed on the streets of our nation left to fend for themselves at the mercy of men who have deprived them of common human decency and used their most private parts to elicit pleasure for themselves.

I urge you on behalf of victims of violence, sexual and domestic  that take place in homes across this nation across the spectrum of human living to vote in this election with our voice guiding your finger.
Your vote is our voice, thank you.

Author’s Note:
October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Wear a purple ribbon in support of victims of domestic violence including women and children. Visit my web site for more information;

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