FT: Obama Air War Against Mitt Romney as Latter-Day Robber Baron Hits Home with Middle America

Mitt Romney, Mr. 1% - Cartoon
Obama Air War Against Mitt Romney as Latter-Day Robber Baron Hit Home with Middle America (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

The Financial Times: “If Mitt Romney does lose the election, the turning point might be his [mid-June] departure on his six-state bus tour from the New Hampshire farmhouse. While Romney was holding small rallies, generating positive local news coverage, the Obama machine cranked up a campaign of negative attacks costing tens of millions of dollars. Obama’s air war was devastating. The portrait of Romney as a latter-day robber baron raiding companies and laying off workers at Bain Capital angered many business leaders. But it hit home with its target audience, the middle classes of middle America, in states such as Ohio, Iowa and Wisconsin. For many political professionals, Romney’s fatal mistake was not to have advertisements up at the same time, telling his own life story on his own terms.”

This comes as President Obama and the Democrats have raised $181 million in September, out-raising by far its previous monthly record, CNN reports.

Here’s the latest numbers from Real Clear Politics:

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  • pelmo

    I wonder if a lot of the people would be so adamant about slamming Bain Capitol, if they found out how much their Pension Funds are being reward by investing in Bain. If it’s such an evil empire why are they investing millions of dollars of teachers and other union pension money into it???????? You can’t be slamming Bain at the same time your investing in it.