President Obama To Wealthy Donors: Last Days of Reelection Campaign Not About “Clinging On to An Office”

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President Obama To Wealthy Donors:  Last Days of Reelection Campaign Not About “Clinging On to An Office” (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

President Obama told a group of donors at his second fundraiser in Los Angeles on Sunday that his reelection campaign isn’t about “clinging on to an office. It’s not about power. It’s not about perks. It’s not about winning. It’s about can we sustain over the next 30 days and then over the next four years … the sense that there’s something about this country that allows everybody to get a fair shot.” Um, so does that explain his horrible presidential debate performance? Bill Clinton made the case for his reelection better than he has. He should have learned a valuable lesson from Clinton — you have to govern from the middle as a centrist, which he has failed to do.

Comparing 2008 to 2012, he said it was “kind of cool to be an Obama supporter” four years ago. Some who supported him early could “go around saying I told you so.” But now, as then, “there are times you have to grind it out.”


“There are times during the course of a presidency when you are so focused on policy and Congress and data and analysis. And yet one of the wonderful things about the presidency is that at least once a day you’re reminded, that’s why you do it,” he said.

Wrapping up he said, “We’re not finished yet. And I’m a big believer in closing the deal.” “You will see me working as hard as I’ve ever worked for the next three years” he continued, before correcting himself – “the next 30 days. It will seem like 3 years. And then you’ll see me working as hard as I ever had for the next four years.” Source

Well, let’s see how he will close the deal. Sorry if I am coming across a little cynical but I am. One debate doesn’t derail one’s chance at the presidency, but there are signs that it could. For example, former president George H. W. Bush looked down at his watch during a debate with then-candidate Bill Clinton and went on to lose. Al Gore sighed loudly and looked disinterested during his race against George W. Bush and lost. John Kerry said he was for the war, then he wasn’t and got lost in his own mess and was defeated. President Obama should be walloping Mitt Romney in the polls with a month to go. He’s not and I hate to say it, but Mitt Romney could win this thing.

Here’s the latest tracking poll on the state of the presidential race:

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