Is Richard Hayes, Mitt Romney’s La Jolla CA Garbage Man, His Willie Horton?

Mitt Romney's La Jolla garbage man Richard Hayes
Is Richard Hayes, Mitt Romney’s La Jolla CA Garbage Man, His Willie Horton?

Even Mitt Romney’s garbage man, Richard Hayes, is taking offense to his 47 percent insult. Yeah, Richard Hayes is the dude who picks up trash at Romney’s ocean-front mansion in La Jolla, Calif. Labor union AFSCME is out with a new spot, featuring Hayes saying how hard he works in his job everyday and says “we’re kind of the invisible people:”

My name is Richard Hayes, and I pick up Mitt Romney’s trash. We’re kind of like the invisible people. He doesn’t realize that the service we provide — if it wasn’t for us, it would be a big health issue, us not picking up trash.

Residents do come out and shake our hands. Sometimes they give us hugs and thank us for the job we’re doing, hand us water and Gatorades. Tell us we’re doing a good job and keep up the good work. Picking up 15, 16 tons by hand, that takes a toll on your body. When I’m 55, 60 years old, I know my body’s gonna be break down [sic]. Mitt Romney doesn’t care about that.

It’s pretty obvious that Richard Hayes, who is black, is being used as Romney’s Willie Horton, to dig in on his comment that 47 percent of Americans are deadbeat and want government assistance rather than taking responsibility for their lives. Well, this is another reason why Black America will come out in force for President Obama on November 6.

  • I always hug my garbage man.

  • scumby

    I see you don’t realize it will have the opposite effect.

  • they should get the new trucks that pick up the cans with an electronic arm and eliminates the need to pick up 12 tons by hand. Its more efficient !

  • Daddylonglegs

    He works in La Jolla California. Depending on his age and service to his company, he can make as much as $80,000 a year. The countries average pay is $60,000 and in no way is this guy in the 47%. Obama is just trying to segregate all of again. There is no race war anymore, it is people like Obama that want to keep the Black people down and nothing else.

  • disgruntled veteran

    Seriously? Someone wasn’t hugged enough. Wonder how many times our president has give down to the White House dumpsters on pick up day to just say thanks (without cameras around)

  • “Well, this is another reason why Black America will come out in force for President Obama on November 6.” Why is that not a racist statement, when it would be if I said “Well, this is another reason White America will come out in force for Romney on November 6”? Oh yeah, only whites can be racist. Never mind.

    • BunnyOle

      It is racist, and considering 95% of blacks who voted -voted for Obama solely based on race in the first place, they are all racist as hell. Talking about how THEY put Obama in the white house, blacks are only 12.7% of the population – if whites all voted the way blacks do there wouldn’t be any black doing anything in political office, except for district lines drawn to encompass all black communities.

  • CascaRufio

    Romney referenced the 47% that are not willing to work, that think everything should be provided for them by the government, and are not considered worth his effort, since they will never even consider voting for him no matter what he says or does, and he would never want them thinking he is supportive of their lifestyle. This man obviously works for a living, and is quite willing to work hard, so why does he relate to Romney’s comments??? Simply because he is an idiot, and an example of the sheep so easily led by the media. Someone can be the hardest working, best overall person in the world, but still have no understanding of the motives behind the media and dirty politics. I have no trust in Romney, or his desire or ability to fix anything, but what he said, in the secretly taped video is completely true. If the honest, hard working people in this country would band together, get a clue what is really going on, and work pass legislation and elect leaders interested in rewarding hard work and forcing the lazy scum to make an effort for what they receive, things just might improve. But the truth is we have a business and political machine desiring to keep the public ignorant and dependent for maximum control, and a media machine populated with mental vegetables, living in a fantasy, incapable of seeing the world as it is.

  • george

    Mansion? The house he bought is only 3,000 square feet. And Romney has yet to live in that house… since he won’t be in the white house, maybe he’ll be there to shake your hand and give you a gatorade!

  • BunnyOle

    The most ridiculous part (or most devious) is the fact that during his run for Governor Mitt Romney worked with different people who do different jobs to see what it’s like for them. One day he worked on the back of a garbage truck and made the comment that they were like ‘invisible people’ in a book he wrote about the experiences.

    What that fat ass crapbag said directly correlates to what Romney already said in the first place.