Bill Maher: Mitt Romney Lost Election Because Most Americans Frightened by Bible-Thumpers, Xenophobes

Bill Maher gave his two cents on President Obama’s routing of Mitt Romney in the presidential election and offered reasons on why Mitt Romney, “the white Barack Obama” won:

Mitt Romney has lost and he’ll soon be accepting his new job as professor of method acting at The New School in New York City. And after watching him play all these different characters over the last two years, really, who better?

Now comes the hand-wringing and finger-pointing that always follows electoral defeat; 500 columns of “If they’d done what I said, something, something, measuring the drapes in the Oval Office.” And they’ll all miss the forest for the trees. Except Dick Morris — he’s always right.

So now that I’m done telling you how everyone else will be full of shit and focusing on the wrong things, let me focus you on the big picture thing that’s absolutely correct: Mitt Romney lost because of the Republican brand and Republican policies. There are other reasons, of course, like Mitt being unlovable to anyone not named Ann Romney, but nothing trumps the idea that 2/3rds of America thinks the other 1/3 is a frightening conglomerate of Bible-thumpers, xenophobes, and vaginophobes. (Not a word, but should be.)

Take Mitt’s pivot from being “severely conservative” to being “the white Barack Obama.” Sure, everyone tacks to the middle after the primaries, but Mitt’s performance was different: it was a full-scale repudiation of just about every idea that conservatives hold dear. The positions were changed. The rhetoric was completely different. He was basically Barack Obama, Caucasian Edition. Source

The bottom line is that Mitt Romney misjudged the power of the Obama ground game, even though they had a clear money advantage. In short, they don’t know how to play the game that led Barack Obama to victory against John McCain in 2008. The Republican Party has a Dr. Seuss problem.

  • [quote]The Republican Party has a Dr. Seuss problem.[/qutoe]

    Janet – Do you notice that the majority of Progressive Fundamentalist Post Election Analysis is about:

    1) Critical Analysis of the REPUBLICANS

    2) Lists of Gifts to Expect From Obama’s 2ND TERM?

    This following the Marketing of what Obama “did in his first term” – while spiking any damning news.
    You know Janet – $49.5 Billion to General Motors while avoiding the $1,200 billion for 4 years in deficits – even though the “Bush caused the first year deficit because he was President from October 2008 till nearly the end of January 2009”.

    Of course “Bush Created The Obama First Term Economy” was still present during the exit polls for 2012.

    I can just imagine what you and others will dream up for the election in 2014 and 2016 – but I doubt that it will be any more accurate than what Fox News comes up with for their side.

    How do you get any credibility back Janet?