Cottages of Woodstock HOA President Sends Email Warning of Possible Civil Unrest After Election

right wing fearmongering cottages of woodstock ga
Cottages of Woodstock HOA President Sends Email Warning of Possible Civil Unrest After Election

Right wing fearmongering:  Bill Stanley, homeowners’ association president of The Cottages of Woodstock subdivision, sent an email alerting residents that the entrance gates would be closed 24 hours a day beginning Tuesday at 6 p.m. out of possible civil unrest after the election. Um, the unrest will come if Mitt Romney wins and Barack Obama supporters will go berserk.  Right wing fearmongering.

“I feel it is better to take a position of caution to enhance controlled access to the community until we see what (if any) negative repercussions may occur because of the results of the election,” wrote Bill Stanley, the president of the homeowners’ association at the Cottages of Woodstock, a residential community for people 55 and over.
The entrance gates have been open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. during various construction projects. Mr. Stanley said the gates would be closed round the clock until next Monday – “if all goes well.”

The e-mail, which took some residents by surprise, was the latest sign that fringe voices predicting looting and rioting after the election have been making some nervous. The radical predictions have had an anti-Obama tinge, with some warning of civil disobedience depending on whether President Obama wins or loses the election. Source

Well, I have lived in the metro Atlanta area for over 13 years and I have yet to see any civil unrest erupt over the results of a presidential election or any election for that matter.  This is the typical racist dog whistle the Romney campaign has fomented and it’s a sad attempt to divide. Woodstock, though predominantly white, has grown more diverse in recent years. There are healthy mix of black and Hispanic families in the city. It would be interesting to hear the real motivation behind Bill Stanley’s actions. The police department said they didn’t communicate such concerns to him, so where did he get that idea? From right wing evangelical Bryan Fischer?


  • kiche6

    Threats and blackmail… that’s what they’ve got. Oh and voter fraud..The REAL kind.