Devon Sawyer Charged with Murder in Death of 2 YO Stepson Michael Weeks in Atlanta Home

Devon Sawyer murdered stepson Michael Weeks
Devon Sawyer Charged with Murder in Death of Stepson 2 YO Michael Weeks in Atlanta Home

Another toddler was murdered over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  Devon Sawyer, the stepfather of Michael Weeks, 2, was arrested for his murder. Michael Weeks suffered cardiac arrest and had bruises on his chest and thighs, according to the AJC.

The child’s mother, Danielle Calhoun, had left him in her husband’s care when she went shopping. Devon Sawyer initially told police he and the boy had taken a nap and when he woke up he found Michael unresponsive.

The AJC reports, on Tuesday morning, Calhoun told Channel 2 that an autopsy revealed her son had been abused.

  • Devon is from skegee. I grew up with him he is a true definition of a brother from another mother. Devon barely even talked. And when he did everything was nicely said. By Devon and Dannielle stayin next to me . I got to know Mike. He was always with Devon he love Devon. Devon took care of him more then his mother did. Im a living witness . N many more can tell you this. Devon didnt know that girl from adom the house cat. N she didnt know him. She knew he was a great baby sitter. I have been around when she have left mike for days , weeks of time saying she going to run arrands n never called to check on mike. I fed him all the time . She was never at home to care for the baby. Devon loved mike like a son . I know this is very devasting to him. For the lost n being accused of killing mike. Mike was everywhere Devon went, N his mother was always never to be found. Mike was everything to Devon.. Son he never had. Something is not right n im ready to get to the bottom.